Something for Dessert

Something for Dessert

Apple and Raisin Sponge

For all you longtime lovetomtom readers you will have seen this week’s Something for Dessert recipe before. For all you newbies you’re in for a treat. Continue reading


When good things happen to bad fruit

When good things happen to bad fruit

Apples or pears?

Ok so describing it as bad fruit is a little harsh so lets just say fruit that’s on the way out.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more fruit into my days and with all my good intentions I probably bought more fruit than I was going to eat. Now it has gone a bit too soft for my liking so there is just one thing to do; bake!


Apples and pears are my fruit of choice this week and I immediately think of my Apple Sponge recipe in which I would use either apples or pears or both in the recipe, but I wanted to try something different. I started researching recipes using apples or pears and wow is there a lot of versions of apple cake, pear tarts, apple sponge and so on. When I look at recipes I’m a bit lazy and if there is something in there that I don’t have in my pantry, I tend to move on. I was also looking at different types of recipes; paleo, gluten free, low sugar etc but whatever way you look at it, you can always substitute or reduce quantities to fit with your requirements and taste.

The recipe which makes this week’s #ROTW is Upside down pear and almond cakes thanks to Nicole Weston at Baking Bites.

Upside down pear & almond cakes



As usual, I made some slight variations to the recipe. I used a little less butter and sugar and added a touch of cinnamon. Also, I misread the recipe and combined the first two steps but there was no going back! I was hoping to get a really nice caramelised pear but I obviously didn’t leave them in long enough at the first stage in fear of burning the butter and sugar, but you learn for next time.

Upside down pear & almond cakes

I have to say these Upside down pear and almond cakes were delicious and didn’t last long in the house! It’s pretty clear I’m not going to master a career with petit fours. I was hoping mine were going to look a little prettier but they tasted great and there were no complaints from the lovetomtom household. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

Happy baking!