Exercise is fun!

Exercise is fun Sort of lovetomtom same but different for September and October was a real humdinger! I have spent the past two months trying to turn exercise into something fun rather than a chore and I'm glad to say I feel I did pretty well. Cycling on the roads is a huge, scary challenge … Continue reading Exercise is fun!


#lovetomtomSBD November Before anyone tells me off for saying the 'C' word, the only reason I'm bringing it up is because it sparked this month's same but different. Whether I like it or not Christmas is here and it's not even December. Although I'm not a fan of Christmas one part I do like about … Continue reading Hello

Recipe of the month

lovetomtomSBD April Wrap up & Recipe of the  month What a fun topic last month's same but different was! If I'm honest I spent more time reading up on different recipes than actually making them but as with all of my same but different topics, they don't end because the month is up, so there is plenty of … Continue reading Recipe of the month