The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

and the winner is…..

The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

In case you missed it, the winner of The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 Best Fashion Blog is the wonderful Just Kassi.  A great blog and a great night to celebrate everyone’s achievements. There was so much going on, food, drinks, burlesque dances, music. Take a look here to see all the fun and the winners from each categories.

I have to say the lead up to the event was just as fun as the night itself. Let me go back a week or two. With a 1920’s burlesque theme, I knew the choice of what to wear was going to be easy so I indulged myself in all things 1920’s. Not a difficult task really with Louise Brooks a permanent fixture on my bedroom wall. Hair, makeup, fashion, history, fabrics, venues, I tried to look at everything. I really had so much fun researching and started to think I was born in the wrong era. With all that done I knew exactly what I wanted for the event and all I needed was to find it!

There was only one place for me; charity shops. I hit my usual spots and because this was a special occasion I allowed myself to rummage through some vintage shops I only window shop in. I tried a few things on but then I saw it, this fabulous dress in The Harlequin The shape, the lowered waistline and the black lace, all fitting for the 1920’s style.  And of course the cream and black colour scheme sealed the deal.

Flapper fun

Now it was time for accessories. I had a lot of fun with this part and found so much great costume jewellery in my local charity store. If there was ever an opportunity to go over the top, this was it so I layered up on pearls and beads, and had just the right earrings for the occasion. I wanted to stick to the theme as much as possible but also wanted to add a few of my own touches. Red shoes, one of my favourite brooches from my sis and well, my hair didn’t need  too much work but  that’s just luck! The other piece I was lucky enough to add to my outfit was this fabulous clutch courtesy of, sponsors of the Best Fashion Blog category.

The other thing I was really looking forward to for the occasion was my makeup. The makeup of the time was rather dark and sultry and I couldn’t wait to try it out. In the middle of my research, Lisa Eldridge gave a sneak peek into her FacePaint Book, showing us a glimpse into the history of makeup. Her Flapper and Vamps‘ look was perfect for the event and so that would be my guide. As usual, things didn’t quiet go according to plan. There was no way I was going to transform my eyebrows into thin ones and although I practised getting the love-heart shape lips just right, I didn’t want to spend the whole night worrying about my lips so I stuck with the ones I have!

Flapper makeup

Just to add to the fun of the occasion, I can’t tell you how blow away I was with all of your support. I will try not to sound too cliched or cheesy but to have lovetomtom recognised and celebrated with only a year and a bit of blogging is something very special. I can’t tell you how much all your comments, texts, emails and well wishes have meant to me.

With that said, again I want to say a huge congrats to everyone who was involved in the night and all the bloggers who won in their categories.  Although I didn’t walk away with the main prize, I didn’t leave empty-handed. I was lucky enough to win dinner for two thanks to Kinara Kitchen and you know me and food, anyone near me would have thought I won blogger of the year!

lovetomtom flapper style



4 thoughts on “The Blog Awards Ireland 2015

  1. Was that not just the best era – the dress is stunning and you looked stunning.
    Congrats to the winners looks like you all had a great time
    Thank you for linking with #ShowcaseTuesday

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