Socks and heels

Do I dare?

Socks & heels

Before I bore you with how much I dislike winter, yes I know it’s only October, let me tell you how I’m using the change of season to explore ways to hold onto the nicer weather. Actually I’m trying desperately to wear all the things I won’t be able to once winter truly sets in. Of course, it’s not all bad. The cooler weather means tights are in full swing, cardigans are back and you can get away with wearing coats based on style, not function.

The one thing I do struggle with though are boots. The novelty is nice to begin with but come February when I’ve worn the same pair of boots pretty much everyday because they are warm and protect me from the rain, I’m well and truly ready to throw them in the bin! That is why I am trying  to wear heels and flats for as long as possible with their new best friends, socks. Granted, on the odd day when the heavens open up, I will reluctantly wear sensible shoes but until then, I’m venturing into a world where socks don’t technically belong.




Are you laughing at the thought? Well so am I! This is one look that fascinates me. I remember back in the day, as children, my sis and I would be in hysterics when an uncle of ours used to wear socks with sandals and yet as an adult, here I am trying to make this potentially ridiculous ensemble work.

I don’t own that many socks but the ones I do, I like them to be just as stylish as any other part of my wardrobe. So, why shouldn’t they be on display? I’ve seen others successfully wear this combo and I look from afar in admiration as it reminds me to wear whatever I want. But I’ll be honest, I’ve tried this look a few times and I generally chicken out and leave the house with cold feet.

So while I continue in my attempts to keep my tootsies stylishly warm, the best part about this venture is that every time I put socks on with heels or flats, I laugh. Part of me is laughing because I think I look slightly ridiculous and the other part is laughing, saying, ‘who cares’? Sometimes it’s nice to look ridiculous, when it’s by choice of course!




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