Wish List #36

Wish List


The time has finally come when the season is changing and I can peruse the high street and the internet for lovely autumn/winter items. The change of any season excites me. I love seeing what the season will bring. Without spending a cent of course I spend a few weeks inspecting and contemplating what I’ll add to my wardrobe. Continue reading


There’s new trousers in town

Wardrobe staples



Move over skinnies; there’s new trousers in town. You heard – my staple black skinny jeans have been replaced. I blame my beloved jumpsuit. The wide, cropped leg inspired me to invest in a pair of culottes for winter and they have been crowned this week’s outfit of the week.

Culottes can be tricky to wear. They need to sit on the waist at just the right spot and be just the right length and if not, things can go horribly wrong. If I’m honest, these Zara culottes on the hanger are everything I want. Elastic waist, pockets, tie at the front. All very positive features. However, it feels like someone got the measurements wrong, leaving the material about half a centimetre short in a rather uncomfortable spot. Get my drift?


I’m persisting though as the positives outweigh the negatives. Whether it’s boots, tights, socks, sneakers, heels, a cardigan or a shirt, these black culottes are the perfect staple for the winter months ahead. What’s even better is they have become a part of one of my favourite outfits. The culottes and my white ‘hug’ in a jumper are a match made in heaven.


These trousers are here to stay!



Find of the Week

Find of the Week

It’s not very often I buy an item of clothing that is out of season. I have a tendency to want to wear any new purchase immediately so buying something for winter while I’m in the middle of summer is not really my style. Can you guess what’s coming? This week I found myself in my local charity store ready for a good old hunt and boy did I find a winter treasure!

This stunning, textured peachy coral zip up COS jumper stood out like a pot of gold at the end of the fashion rainbow. I saw it, I felt it, I didn’t even try it on and yet I knew it had to be mine. I’m finding it hard to fight the urge to wear it immediately but don’t worry I would never wish for cooler weather. Mind you, I live in Dublin so you might get to see a full view sooner rather than later!

Find of the week


Find of the week

COS is a brand that fulfils the minimalist in me. Their clean, sharp lines are so aesthetically pleasing so to find this jumper at only €6 with the element on top of my wish list, texture, is an absolute fashion miracle!

I know it is only June but this has the potential to be find of the year!





Patterns and pleats

It is supposed to be spring here. It’s not.

It’s not all bad. There are the odd moments of sunshine and that’s enough for me to get some skin on display. My motto this past winter was to wear my summer clothes with layers and now it’s time to ditch at least one layer.

This week’s outfit of the week is this gorgeous dress that I’ve been wearing with tights, a cardigan, a scarf and even another layer under the dress if cold enough. I wore this on the weekend and granted, it wasn’t exactly warm and there were some heavy showers but it didn’t stop me. With bare legs and a cardigan, I fell back in love with the gorgeous pattern and pleats.

Pattern & Pleats

Pattern & Pleats

Pattern & Pleats

Pattern & Pleats

Bring on the sunshine!



Outfit of season!

Outfit of the season

I realised I haven’t done an outfit of the week/month this year and there is one reason for that. I’ve been wearing the same clothes over and over and over again! No I didn’t change my mind and set up a capsule wardrobe but it does feel like I have in this case two outfits that are on permanent repeat. It’s lucky I like them and really it is no surprise these monochrome dresses take the crown of outfit of the season!

My approach this winter was to wear all my summer clothes with lots of layers and it seems to be getting me through the season. The addition of these two beauties made things a bit easier.

If I could, I would wear these two day after day after day. I never seem to tire of them. Each day feels like a new one when I wear them. Like a comfortable blank canvas ready for a different pair of shoes, a coloured cardigan, leggings, tights or a mix-and-match of accessories. Whatever the combination, how great it is to feel like I’m in a completely different outfit each time.




Green soup

Green Soup


It’s time to get back into sharing some of my favourite recipes and this month’s #ROTM is a doozy! Winter means soup for me but I have to say as fond as I am of soup I can sometimes get bored so I was thrilled to discover this Rosemary Ferguson recipe. The title says it all really; this soup is green. Green and delicious! I was sceptical at first but I decided to go with it.

Basically there is a whole lot of green in this soup. Courgettes, broccoli, kale, lime, a few  herbs, coriander, ginger, turmeric and of course garlic and salt. Click here for all the recipe details.

Super easy and super tasty. If you’re a fan of soup you need to give this a go. The crisp, citrus flavour of the lime against the vegetables provides a fresh but hearty soup and a new favourite for the winter months.




Socks and heels

Socks and heels

Do I dare?

Socks & heels

Before I bore you with how much I dislike winter, yes I know it’s only October, let me tell you how I’m using the change of season to explore ways to hold onto the nicer weather. Actually I’m trying desperately to wear all the things I won’t be able to once winter truly sets in. Of course, it’s not all bad. The cooler weather means tights are in full swing, cardigans are back and you can get away with wearing coats based on style, not function.

The one thing I do struggle with though are boots. The novelty is nice to begin with but come February when I’ve worn the same pair of boots pretty much everyday because they are warm and protect me from the rain, I’m well and truly ready to throw them in the bin! That is why I am trying  to wear heels and flats for as long as possible with their new best friends, socks. Granted, on the odd day when the heavens open up, I will reluctantly wear sensible shoes but until then, I’m venturing into a world where socks don’t technically belong.




Are you laughing at the thought? Well so am I! This is one look that fascinates me. I remember back in the day, as children, my sis and I would be in hysterics when an uncle of ours used to wear socks with sandals and yet as an adult, here I am trying to make this potentially ridiculous ensemble work.

I don’t own that many socks but the ones I do, I like them to be just as stylish as any other part of my wardrobe. So, why shouldn’t they be on display? I’ve seen others successfully wear this combo and I look from afar in admiration as it reminds me to wear whatever I want. But I’ll be honest, I’ve tried this look a few times and I generally chicken out and leave the house with cold feet.

So while I continue in my attempts to keep my tootsies stylishly warm, the best part about this venture is that every time I put socks on with heels or flats, I laugh. Part of me is laughing because I think I look slightly ridiculous and the other part is laughing, saying, ‘who cares’? Sometimes it’s nice to look ridiculous, when it’s by choice of course!





This week’s #OOTW is an oldie but definitely a goodie.

Before I make the big reveal, a bit of history about this dress. This dress was given to me by my fabulous sister Mrs P. Why she gave it up I have no idea but I bet she is sorry now! My sis is all kinds of fabulous and my shopping partner. Hard to do when we live on opposite sides of the world, but we manage. We have very similar taste, often picking up the same clothes and at times even buying them! Living on opposite sides of the world means there is no chance of wearing them at the same time, the only benefit to our distance. Another reason I like shopping with Mrs P is because she’s honest and it’s her honesty that has helped me be confident in the choices I make, and laugh at the bad ones I’ve made!

Me & Mrs P. I can't take credit for this pic so thanks to Mum or Dad for capturing this beautiful sister moment some 28 years ago

 When I look at photos of our childhood it is clear why we have such similar taste. We were often dressed in identical clothes or the same clothes but different colours and like any little sis, I remember always wanting what she had. I adored my big sis (often to her annoyance) and that hasn’t changed one bit! I love her ‘hand me downs’ and on my visits home I will often park myself in front of her wardrobe and ask ‘what have you got to give me?’  She always replies ‘nothing’ but like the great big sis that she is, I always walk away with a new wardrobe.

I tell you all this because the dress that is this week’s #OOTW was originally owned by Mrs P. You may have seen it before (Blue and green should be seen) and I’ll be honest I wear this dress a lot! I love everything about it. Blue and white polka dots, loose enough to be a great summer dress and just the right amount of detailing to make it feminine. It’s a perfect length for me, and the neck line and sleeves even out the bit of leg that is shown. I know summer means showing skin but this dress keeps it all very tasteful.

Blue & white poke dot dress

Blue & white polka dot dress

This dress doesn’t get put away when the sun takes a break. It gets a good run all year round and is starting to show its age but I don’t care. Tights, cardigans, bare legs, flats, boots or brogues, you can understand why it’s on repeat.

The fact that this dress was inexpensive and given to me by my big sis is even more reason for me to love it.

Polka dots & red shoes




Last week saw the first of my #ROTM series and alongside it there is going to be my Outfit of the Week series (#OOTW). Just to mix things up a bit and depending on what is taking my fancy most that week, I’ll be chatting outfits or food. Not a bad combination at all I think!

If this week is anything to go by, I’m going to find it very hard to pick just one outfit or item, mostly because when I like something I generally want to wear it all the time and in lots of different ways. Nothing wrong in wearing something twice!

This weeks #OOTW is technically item of the week, but you get my drift. You may have seen a few pics of this already (like I said no shame in having an item on repeat) but my newly purchased yellow t-shirt has taken the crown.

I bought this t-shirt from Zara only a few weeks ago. It was a spur of the moment purchase which is not usually my style but I couldn’t resist. Initially the colour caught my eye and the price made my eyes pop out of my head even more. Yellow is one of those colours I find a bit tricky. I want to incorporate it into my wardrobe but each time I have, well it just didn’t feel right. I think the key to getting it right is the type of yellow you wear. This tee works for me as it is less 80’s fluorescent and more, well, a dull yellow if that makes sense.

The other reason it caught my eye is that I immediately pictured it with so many items I already have in my wardrobe. Bonus all round!

What would you put it with?

Until next week.