Outfit of the season

I realised I haven’t done an outfit of the week/month this year and there is one reason for that. I’ve been wearing the same clothes over and over and over again! No I didn’t change my mind and set up a capsule wardrobe but it does feel like I have in this case two outfits that are on permanent repeat. It’s lucky I like them and really it is no surprise these monochrome dresses take the crown of outfit of the season!

My approach this winter was to wear all my summer clothes with lots of layers and it seems to be getting me through the season. The addition of these two beauties made things a bit easier.

If I could, I would wear these two day after day after day. I never seem to tire of them. Each day feels like a new one when I wear them. Like a comfortable blank canvas ready for a different pair of shoes, a coloured cardigan, leggings, tights or a mix-and-match of accessories. Whatever the combination, how great it is to feel like I’m in a completely different outfit each time.





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