In my Bathroom

Put it on. Wash it off.


My love for and investment in skincare hasn’t faded this past year. Just as much as I love putting make up on, those few minutes in the bathroom at night, washing the day away matches the almost ritualistic, mesmerising moments of painting my face in the morning.

I have so many new products that there are too many to write about. Every weekend I plan on doing a video to show you them all but before I know it, Monday is here again and voila; still no video. Until I can do those videos, and trust me I’ve a lot to say about what I’ve been using, here is a sneak peek into both me putting my makeup on and taking it off. If you can’t wait to hear me ramble on about cleansers, retinals, Lisa Eldridge Foundation (that deserves a video of its own!), Lisa Eldridge lipsticks, Vitamin C, SPF, you get my drift, I’ve listed all the products I used under these little snippets of me in my bathroom


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