Beauty Bag

Beauty Bag Lisa Eldridge Lipsticks This won't be news to any of you that have followed me for some time but I love Lisa Eldridge's lipsticks. There is no other way to say it and it is that time of year when she has released some new shades and products.  Before I add to my … Continue reading Beauty Bag

Toddler Questions

Toddler Questions Hello. Remember me? Yes I am still here. Life has definitely changed since Remy arrived and the thought of sitting down to read, write, look, scroll and ogle all things beautiful and interesting is just that at the moment; a thought. I haven't vanished completely online, in fact, I took to sharing some … Continue reading Toddler Questions

Pregnancy Diaries

Pregnancy Diaries #3 It's all or nothing It's now March 2021 and hard to believe I'm forty weeks pregnant. I've attended all my regular appointments through the Community Midwife scheme and had a few unexpected ones thrown in, each providing enough material to give you an insight into maternity care services in Ireland. I have … Continue reading Pregnancy Diaries