Toddler Questions

Hello. Remember me? Yes I am still here. Life has definitely changed since Remy arrived and the thought of sitting down to read, write, look, scroll and ogle all things beautiful and interesting is just that at the moment; a thought.

I haven’t vanished completely online, in fact, I took to sharing some of Lucille’s questions recently on Instagram and I’m thrilled that some of you found them just as enjoyable as I do. She is definitely providing plenty of opportunities for learning, as well as much entertainment, so keep an eye on my Instagram Stories and if you miss any of her questions, they are saved in my Parent Life highlight on Instagram. If you have missed them so far, here’s a taste of what my little lady has been pondering

‘Mama if you put glue on my head will I stick to the sky?’

‘Mama do you like your vagina?’

‘Mama do bees eat honey?’

If you have ever interacted with a toddler you will know the questions are endless. If you have never been around a toddler, imagine being asked a single question a million times in a row which is then followed by ‘why?’ a million more times.



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