A lovetomtom Christmas

A lovetomtom Christmas

Gift Guide

It’s time again for a lovetomtom Christmas gift guide and I’m being a little selfish this year and suggesting lots of things I would be more than happy for Santa to bring. Some are practical, some are extravagant, some are bargains but most importantly I hope they are useful to you. Continue reading


Wish List #36

Wish List


The time has finally come when the season is changing and I can peruse the high street and the internet for lovely autumn/winter items. The change of any season excites me. I love seeing what the season will bring. Without spending a cent of course I spend a few weeks inspecting and contemplating what I’ll add to my wardrobe. Continue reading

Wish List #28

Wish List



Have you been following my Wish Lists? Well you should. I tell you I feel like have really curbed my natural instinct to shop. My wish lists seem to be providing a false sense of reality in that I feel I actually own all the things that have caught my eye and therefore don’t need to shop!

This week has been no different. Check out what goodies I’m pretending to own here.


Blink and it’s gone

Blink and it’s gone


The recent furore surrounding Lucinda Chambers’ interview with Vestoj has caused such a stir in the fashion world it would be fair to say it almost broke the internet (not in a ridiculous Kim Karadashian way).  And with good reason. Not sure what the story is? The short version is Lucinda Chambers, former fashion editor at British Vogue got fired and told the world about it.

Lucinda Chambers’ spent some thirty-six years at British Vogue, twenty-five of those as fashion editor got straight to the point in her interview;

A month and a half ago I was fired from Vogue. It took them three minutes to do it.

When I first read the article I was taken aback at her honesty and not just about being fired. She spoke about the various aspects of the industry, advertising pressures, vulnerability and  selling things we don’t really need. Within a blink of an eye, the article published on Vestoj website was removed.  In the age of social media where everything is at our fingertips there were plenty of opportunities to see screenshots of the interview and people were scrambling for a view. With another blink of an eye and a note from the editor, the article reappeared.

Some might say there is nothing new in the article, that behind all of the glamour and retouching we have always suspected the ugliness that lies behind the fashion pages in magazines. And this is probably true, however I can’t help thinking that there is more to this than Lucinda Chambers telling us that she got fired. Her honesty is of course refreshing. I’m not sure I would be able to admit to anyone outside of my close circle that I got fired from a job but in her eyes that was the story so why not tell it? Why not talk about the anxiety and vulnerability that the fashion world inhabits? We all know it and in an odd way it was a relief to hear, from such a prominent person that what I thought all along was true.

Scott King, “How I’d Sink American Vogue,” 2006. Courtesy Herald St, London.

But we all play a role in this story. Whether we work in the industry, read magazines or buy clothes.  Lucinda Chambers’ role has been very clear and in very simple terms I can’t help ask if it was all so terrible why did she stay so long in a world that made people question their own worth? As adults don’t we have to make choices and take responsibility for the environment we contribute to, the people we surround ourselves with, our body of work and the trends (if any) that we follow? With Lucinda Chambers’ talent I can’t help ask why did she not find another way to participate in the fashion world? Or is it too much to take on? Is this in fact her contribution, after all these years to tell this story?

In the midst of all the drama and many articles and opinions voiced on the matter, there is yet another note from the editor;

“EDITOR’S NOTE: Following the original publication of this article, we’ve been contacted by lawyers on behalf of Conde Nast Limited and Edward Enninful OBE and have been requested to amend the interview. This request has now been granted.”

I’m glad the article has been republished and that I got to read the original interview without the  airbrushing mentioned above and that in itself makes me wonder what difference this interview will make.

You can read the current version of Lucinda Chambers’ interview here.



Wish List

Wish List


I have spent a lot of time online the past few weeks, not working as you’ve probably gathered, more as a way of distracting myself from the sadness that fills my heart. Honestly we hear so much negativity around social media and the big bad world of the internet but besides my amazing family and friends, the internet has provided some much-needed daydreaming and security for my heavy heart.

With many hours spent scrolling through my favourite brands and artists, filling my virtual basket with clothes, accessories, shoes, books and makeup and not once following through with a single transaction, I have become an expert at ‘fake internet shopping’. Feeling totally inspired by all the fabulous yet unnecessary material things I thought I was missing out on, I decided to venture into the real world and unapologetically do a bit of retail therapy.

You all know me well enough by now to know that I love shopping. Whether I purchase anything or not I genuinely love strolling through shops, touching fabrics, piecing outfits together, trying on shoes, buying shoes! You can imagine my disappointment then when I finally got myself together to leave my apartment and spend some cash that I was so uninspired by this season’s ‘trends’. I walked and walked and came home empty-handed. There was plenty of course that caught my eye but as usual these items were more wish list than realistic purchases, which leads me here. While the shops are full of hideous off-the-shoulder numbers and copious versions of the same old   embroidered shirts, I am steering clear and continuing my Wish List daydreaming over on Pinterest. Each week I’m going to pin everything that has caught my eye. Everything from fashion, beauty, interiors and food, and if I do actually make a purchase, it will get pinned here too! I’ll be updating my Wish List board throughout the week and have already started so why not take a look.



New Adventure

lovetomtom on YouTube

A new adventure

The title says it all doesn’t it? lovetomtom is on a new adventure and entering the crazy world of YouTube. Rather a daunting thought and one I’ve being toying with for some time but I’ve taken the plunge and the adventure has begun. No doubt there will be bumps along the way like filming without the camera recording, something I’ve done already but what’s an adventure without bumps, hiccups, outtakes, technical difficulties and everything else that is going to come my way.

I hope you all come along for the ride and that YouTube will be an extension of all the things I love about lovetomtom.

Here’s my very first video and don’t forget to subscribe, just in case you missed that part.


Question of the Day

Question of the Day

ask lovetomtom

ask lovetomtom

It’s time for me to get back into full swing and I’m delighted to resume what turned out to be one of my favourite things last year; Question of the Day. If you follow me on Snapchat you will be well used to seeing me chat away and answer all your questions. Makeup, fashion, travel, food, your questions, my questions. Anything that comes my way really, you know I love a good chat!

Snapchat, home to Question of the Day, was relatively new to me last year and initially I felt like somewhat of a dinosaur trying to figure it all out. But I’ve come to love the no-fuss, no fancy lighting, ridiculous but sometimes life-saving filters that it offers and it has grown on me. In the meantime we have seen other social media platforms offer similar (or what feels like the same) ways of chatting and while we all have a preferred platform, many of you have been in touch over the past few months to say that you don’t use Snapchat. So, in the spirit of inclusivity, I’m spreading myself out. You’ll be seeing my sometimes unmade mug on all social media platforms for Question of the Day.

Snapchat silliness

It’s time then to hit me with your questions.  You can send me your questions on Instagram or Facebook, on Snapchat or Twitter or email your questions to lovetomtom@outlook.com. You can even stop me in the street! As for my folks (and anyone else who doesn’t use social media), I will always be here to do a round-up of questions, so make sure you are signed up to lovetomtom to get posts straight to your inbox. You’ll be sick of me with all the different ways to communicate!

So it’s just me, my phone and your questions. Let the fun begin!

ask lovetomtom


A lovetomtom Christmas

A lovetomtom Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is here which means catch ups, too much food and PRESENTS! You all know by now I’m not that fond of Christmas but boy do I love getting presents! And buying them for that matter.

I started this year’s gift guide by going back to my very first Christmas post and my feelings remain the same. So whether it’s a phone call or a cookbook, a toy or clothes I’m throwing a few ideas your way.

Be sure to click the photographs below for all the details, photographers, prices and why I think these would be great gifts.








November's Beauty Bag

There are a few I haven’t included so for my family members, look away now. Everyone else click here to see what other goodies are in this year’s gift guide.



Summer wrap up

lovetomtomSBD + Summer wrap up

Pit stop

It has been one busy  month here with visitors, travel and whatnot, so I feel I need to do a bit of a wrap up to sort out my head and get ready for what is next. Almost like a de-cluttering of my mind if you will.

As you know my mama and papa crossed the pond for a visit (if only it was a pond!) and we had a jam-packed month with lots of random holiday snaps that only we think are funny but I’m going to share a few with you anyway. We explored Dublin and Ireland, ate and drank too much, debated the style choices of my papa and of course we were lucky enough to have a little jaunt in Paris.



Summer shopping


Also while they were here I got news that lovetomtom was shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland and it was lovely to share the good news with them in person. Another fun thing that happened was I had a surprise dinner for my folks with a years worth of celebrations crammed into one night. If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen what I was up to. Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, even our wedding was celebrated so with the house decorated (I’m sure our neighbours think we are nuts!) and me cooking dinner in my wedding outfit we had a great night celebrating all the things we normally do from afar. It really was so much fun I’m considering doing it every year, all the celebrations in one night!


lovetomtomSBD this month was a huge help to me while I waited to go on my own holidays and even more helpful upon my return to fight those holiday blues. The real lovetomtom also contributed all the way from his holiday in Vietnam! Lucky boy! I have added so many new places to my travel wish list I don’t know how I’ll get through them all but I guess that’s a good problem to have.

the real lovetomtom

After all of that and trust me, that’s the short version, I feel I’m slowly coming out the other side, hair a bit dishevelled, mind a bit cloudy but somehow finding my way back to reality. After a holiday I think it’s so important to plan the next one so until I can do that, I’m very much looking forward to other exciting things that are coming down the track.

With all that going on, I feel I haven’t been around much so normal viewing will resume and I have to say a special thanks to everyone who got in touch to wish me and my parents a fab holiday. If you were lucky enough to have a proper summer holiday or live somewhere with more than an hour of sunshine a day, keep sending your pictures my way!