Live Chit Chat


Hello all. Feels like some time since I’ve said hi. What a strange few month it has been. The world is really throwing all sorts at us and I’m sure like me, you are trying to find your way through it. I have found A LOT of challenges over the past few months but I’m not here to talk about them. Instead I want to tell you about my live chit chats over on Instagram. That’s right – me, live, no script, no fancy lighting, just me chatting away to you and can I just say what a joy it is to talk to someone other than Mr B and Lucille!

This week I spoke about a topic dear to my heart; breastfeeding. It was great to share my experience with breastfeeding and hear others share theirs. I didn’t get to cover everything so there will be a follow-up, but in the meantime, put the kettle on and get comfortable.

I will be doing a live chat each week and will open the floor to topics you want to talk about. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, be sure to follow me on Instagram (click here) to get updates of dates and times of the live chats, as well as having your say on what we talk about. I will have a guest on next week’s instalment, and I can’t wait! I’ll give you a clue; Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!



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