Last Month

Hello all and hello 2020! Hard to believe it’s the beginning of a new year. I have been fortunate to have had the past ten days off work and I tell you on the eve of heading back to ‘normality’, it is exactly what I needed.

December was a very big month, not because of Christmas and all that the holiday season brings, but because I had some monster events that sucked my energy. My little lady had a very small operation and with just a night’s notice, I felt every fibre of my being was tested. Thankfully, all went well and Lucille handled things better than I did, which is both reassuring and embarrassing. Motherhood has exposed me to all sorts of emotions, experiences and lessons and I only feel I catch my breath after the fact, and this was no different.

In the middle of all of that, I was trying to finish packing (or start if I’m honest) and move to my new house. I can now officially say with a very welcome sigh of relief I am in the house and have spent the past ten days making it our home. Absolute bliss! I will admit I may be on the border of smugness here, but every night since being in my home I have said to Mr B two things; one, I love our house and two, aren’t we so lucky.

While unpacking boxes, rearranging drawers and having what can only be described as a meltdown over a microwave, I ate panettone for breakfast most days, raised glasses and cheered our loved ones, near and far, went for walks with my little lady and watched her explore everything from bubbles to lights to animals and the latest discovery, the moon. I cooked a duck for Christmas dinner, successfully I might add. A triumph, considering I could barely look at it and gave instructions from a significant distance. Apart from cooking the duck, I ate more panettone, tried in vain to move the microwave and make it in my opinion ‘less ugly’, read books, napped during the day, and went to bed every night full of food, love and thanks.

It hasn’t been all panettone and champagne; there have been and are some very sad things happening in the world and I can’t help but ache for home, Australia and the devastation of the bushfires that are engulfing everything and everyone in it’s path. I hope those on the ground are as safe as can be and if like me you are watching from afar there are ways to contribute. There is a lot of information out there and I will add to that by sharing any updates of information on how people can provide assistance.



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