Pregnancy Diaries #2

Keep your thoughts to yourself

The combination of pregnancy and Covid has required unimaginable levels of commitment to living my life as a hermit, and if someone told me I would be thankful for this, I would have laughed in their face. I hardly see anyone these days, I don’t even go to the supermarket. I attend medical appointments and that’s it. Even with such little movement, there is no way of escaping people, strangers thinking they have a right to comment on one’s physical appearance during pregnancy. I will never forget some of the comments that came my way while I was pregnant with Lucille. I’ve a few weeks yet of growing this little bean, so anything could happen, but this time round, thanks to my hermit life the comments are few and far between. Whether there’s one or twenty comments, they are memorable all the same.

Let me take you back to me to twenty two weeks, getting my flu vaccination in my local pharmacy.

Sales assistant: You must be due soon?

Me: No.



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