Maternity Fashion

Covid-19 Style

I have been complaining a lot about Covid-19 and all that it has brought us since it changed our world, but today, you won’t get a single complaint from me. Hard to believe I know! Instead I am going to shout, from the inside of my home how grateful I am that I have been able to embrace my maternity style, from the waist up.

I spent so long during my pregnancy with Lucille trying to find my ‘maternity style‘ and although at the time I felt I did my best, it was hard work. If you have been pregnant or know anyone who has had to wear maternity clothes, you will know it can be a challenge. Maternity clothes are generally boring, expensive, and most importantly you don’t wear them for very long. This time around, it has been completely different, and while I look forward to never wearing leggings again, being stuck at home has been wonderful for my maternity wardrobe.

I never imagined I would be happy to work from home, but dressing for work when you are only seen from the waist up, has been heavenly. At the beginning of the pandemic, I made an effort to get dressed for work. I did my make up and pretended for everyone’s sake that I was going to work. Once I found out I was pregnant, my approach changed. It has all been about comfort, and I figured if I was only going to be seen from the waist up, that’s where my efforts would go.


As you can see, lipstick and accessories have been my best friends. Everything after that has been whatever I can fit into. No heels or shoes for that matter, no jeans, sometimes not even a top that fits past my expanding belly. If I can make it work sitting down, it’s on repeat. I have worn leggings every day since this little bean decided to call my body home, and come five o’clock, I’m out of my ‘work clothes’ and in the baggiest, softest loungewear you can imagine. As much as I’m trying to hibernate, I do venture outdoors for a walk and I carry on in much the same vein; leggings, any comfy top that will fit, and a coat. Another thing I never thought I would be grateful for; winter.

Besides lipstick and accessories, I have also relied heavily on my trusted pals to continue the cycle of passing on maternity clothes. Thankfully they all came to my rescue. With a few extra items at my disposal, there has been no need to spend money on such short lived items. Granted, it is getting harder to find tops that fit but with only two months to go I don’t care if you see me in the same outfit everyday from here on in!

There is no doubt I absolutely miss getting dressed, from head to toe in all my favourite dresses and heels. If you have followed me for a while you would know that loungewear is really not my thing and I would always prefer to be overdressed, even if sitting on the couch. I can only hope that when it is safe to do so, I will get to play dress up again and wear every item of clothing I own and adore, and in public too.

Stay safe and well.




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