Outfit of season!

Outfit of the season

I realised I haven’t done an outfit of the week/month this year and there is one reason for that. I’ve been wearing the same clothes over and over and over again! No I didn’t change my mind and set up a capsule wardrobe but it does feel like I have in this case two outfits that are on permanent repeat. It’s lucky I like them and really it is no surprise these monochrome dresses take the crown of outfit of the season!

My approach this winter was to wear all my summer clothes with lots of layers and it seems to be getting me through the season. The addition of these two beauties made things a bit easier.

If I could, I would wear these two day after day after day. I never seem to tire of them. Each day feels like a new one when I wear them. Like a comfortable blank canvas ready for a different pair of shoes, a coloured cardigan, leggings, tights or a mix-and-match of accessories. Whatever the combination, how great it is to feel like I’m in a completely different outfit each time.





Awards Season

Awards Season

The Oscars

After the Grammys and the Brits I was hoping The Oscars  would bring a few favourites but, as much as I was looking forward to this awards night, I wasn’t completely blown away. Nevertheless, there are a few I’m happy to ogle!

First let’s take a look at Rooney Mara in Givenchy. I rather like Rooney’s style and this gown didn’t disappoint. There is one small thing I would change; the cut out in the middle is unnecessary but I can get over that. The detail of the fabric and the buttons caught my eye straight away and of course the sleeves sealed the deal. Actually, her makeup really sealed the deal!

Saoirse Ronan has made it to the list again in this stunning Calvin Klein emerald gown. I thought this look was relaxed yet sultry but in no way over the top. You can clearly see why it is so important to have a  dress that is well-tailored! An overall great look and a stand out for me.

Calvin Klein

The next dress that I’ve included isn’t necessarily a favourite but this picture is! Take a look at this Dior gown worn by Jennifer Lawrence. I know it’s a bit sneaky to include it but how beautiful is it?!


If you have time you should take a look at some of the outfits worn at the after parties. Some were better than their actual Oscars gowns! Chrissy Teigan, Elizabeth Banks, Zoe Kazan and Alicia Vikander are all worth a look. Must be hard deciding on which two outfits to wear!



Awards Season

Awards Season

The Brits Awards

I was tossing up whether to do a post on the Brit Awards as to be honest, no one stood out for me. There were a few outfits I looked at, thought about, looked again and decided I wanted to change too may things for it to count as a ‘favourite’.

I’m having a bit of déjà vu with the Grammys  where there was only one highlight but here I am again with none other than Adele. I told you, déjà vu! Adele had two outfits to pick from and although I thought she looked fabulous in her custom-made Giambattista Vali gown, it was her second outfit that has made the list for one very simple reason; fun! The Valentino number she wore the second half of the night looked like a lot of fun to wear and who wouldn’t want to wear a fun Valentino gown?!


Bring on the Oscars!


Awards Season

Awards Season 


The BAFTAS  this year felt like fewer stars gracing the red carpet but for me, more winners on the style front.

Let’s kick it off with Julianne Moore in Armani. At first I wasn’t sure about this dress given I’m not a fan of white or cream but after a closer look I love everything about it. If you do a search you will see that she looked absolutely stunning arriving in a black cape. Anyone that can pull of that kind of glamour in winter knows what they are doing! The neck line works perfectly with her hair and the plunging back line with the softness of the black straps makes this so elegant and easy. Some might say this is boring compared to some other very colourful outfits she has worn but that makes me like the look even more. I’m not sure I would wear this dress myself (you never know!) but overall this is a winning look.

Julianne Moore

Next to catch my eye and one that I definitely would wear is this fabulous Miu Miu dress worn by Stacey Martin. The pattern, the fabric, the colours! Elegant but fun! A perfect combination for me and if I did have the opportunity to own such a glamour gown, I would wear it every day, even to the supermarket!

Stacey Martin

Saoirse Ronan has made it here again, wearing this beautiful firework sequin appliqué Burberry dress. If I’m honest I’m not that keen on the print (and you know how I feel about strapless dresses) but for some reason prints on the red carpet warm my heart. Her makeup, hair and that necklace completed the outfit to make this one of her most memorable looks for me.

Saoirse Ronan

The next favourite is a bit sneaky as it is technically from the BAFTAS after party but would you take a look at this amazing Alexander McQueen number worn by Cate Blanchett! As you can imagine I am in monochrome heaven. Despite her actual award gown being a contender (another amazing Alexander McQueen gown), this really is the standout for me. Chic, no-fuss kind of elegance. My kind of style.

Cate Blanchett

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Awards Season

Awards Season


Another awards night has been and gone, this time The 22nd Screen Actors Guild Awards. Of course I couldn’t wait to see all the outfits and ensembles so here are a few that caught my eye.

First is Kiernan Shipka wearing Erdem. What is there not to like about a dark floral print?! I thought this dress was the perfect balance of girlie sophistication. Perfect in my mind and like most of the gowns that make it to my favourites list, I wouldn’t say no if someone gave it to me to wear. Strapless and all!


Another that caught my eye was this gorgeous red Naeem Khan gown worn by Anna Ferris. Now I could pass on the leg slit but not to focus on the negatives, the top half of this gown really won me over. There is something to be said for ‘less is more’ and the neckline and sleeves are so elegant it is easy to see why it made it to my favourites list. You can’t see it in this picture but the back of the torso was open, like an upside-down triangle and even though there was a bit of skin showing, I thought it was tasteful and a good match with the high neckline. I know this gown may seem a bit plain but I think the structure and colour do all the work to make is such a striking piece.

Naeem Khan

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Awards Season

Awards Season

Time to get fancy

Awards season is upon us and I’ll be the first to admit I am glued to the television screen, watching, rewinding, studying and wishing I was dressing up myself!

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen some of my favourites so far but I thought I would share them here and post more of my favourites from each award night along the way. Like I need an excuse to talk fashion! It is hard to keep up with what everyone is wearing but thankfully in this case, technology is on my side. Instagram is my best friend on awards nights and for me to ‘regram’ these pictures you know they are my favourites! Be sure to check details below these pictures on my Instagram feed for all the details.

On to the fashion. Let’s start with the 73rd Golden Globes 2016 and this beautiful Louis Vuitton striped dress by Nicolas Ghesquière and worn by Alicia Vikander. White is not really my colour but I love everything about this dress; the neckline, the ruffles, the stripes. The torso did remind me of a pinafore but it married well with the stripes and structure of the pleats to give a perfect balance of sleek femininity.

Louis Vuitton

Awards nights couldn’t go by without me looking to Valentino’s Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli and I was not disappointed. Kirsten Dunst wore this beautiful black gown from the Mirabilia Romae collection. An awards ceremony is exactly where a gown like this belongs and I loved that her makeup, hair and accessories compliment the gown without taking away from how striking it is. I’m not sure I would be brave enough (or lucky enough for that matter) to have that much cleavage on display but the lure of a Valentino gown could easily sway me.


Next is the Critics’ Choice Awards and it was hard not to take notice of these two outfits. First is Saoirise Ronan wearing Antonio Berardie #SS16. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was how much I loved the colour. A surprise even to me! I did look at some monochrome numbers but I kept coming back to this. The word simple was also swimming around in my head but for me, that is a positive.  What really won me over was the capped sleeve. Anything with a sleeve or the hint of a sleeve and I am sold!

Antonio Berardi

Another favourite from the night was Zoe Kazan wearing Oscar de la Renta #PreFall16. I love a good print. What I love more than a print is mixing prints and this gown does it so beautifully. I’m not so keen on the shape and I would never in my wildest dreams inflict the horror of a strapless dress on myself but it doesn’t overshadow how fabulous this dress is. On the runway, the dress was worn with a belt but I much prefer it without. It doesn’t need it. The colours, the contrasting textures and the detailed bodice are enough to make this a highlight for me. And like the Valentino dress, if this was put in front of me I wouldn’t say no!

Oscar de la Renta

Until the next ceremony.


Beauty Bag Wrap Up

Beauty Bag Wrap Up


If you are anything like me you can’t believe December has been and gone. It was rather an eventful month for me but details on that will come later. For now I thought it would be the perfect time for a Beauty Bag wrap up.  There have been a lot of beauty and makeup products this past year so seeing as this is a wrap up I will try and include products that have become permanent fixtures in my beauty bag and maybe a few standout  products. I can’t help myself!

It is hard not to start with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]. This product made it to last year’s standout list and here it is again. Basically I love this so much because I find it helps prevent breakouts and when I do get the occasional pesky spot, it keeps it to a minimum! You can see why this has made it to the list for a second year in a row.

La Roche Possey

Next up is another La Roche-Posay product and a newbie this year. I first tried the Serozinc spray earlier in the year on a trip to Paris and I’ve been using it ever since. The serozinc spray keeps my skin calm and it’s a perfect partner to the Effaclar Duo. It’s reasonably priced, easy to use and feels great on my skin. Definitely a keeper!


Moving on to nails and you won’t be surprised to find Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover here. I declared my love for this product a few months ago and it hasn’t changed. For someone who wears nail polish everyday, this product really is a must!

Bourjois Magic nail polish remover

Moving onto makeup and again, it won’t be a surprise to find L’Oréal’s Infallible 24H Matte foundation here. I’ve written about it a few times this year and you can jog your memory here, here and here. Basically the price point of this foundation blows my mind as it is the best foundation I have found for my oily skin. It has overtaken all other foundations I’ve tried this year and undoubtedly it’s staying in my beauty bag!


I couldn’t wrap up the year without including a lipstick and this year it was a tough choice. My standout lipstick for 2015 is Bobbi Brown’s lipstick in the shade orange. I’ve had this lipstick for a good while and it is almost all used up! Feels like an achievement getting to the bottom of the bullet. There a are few reasons why this lipstick has made the list. First, the texture; matte but not drying and not sheer and shiny either and it is easy to apply and doesn’t feel like you have any lipstick. Second is the staying power. I hardly need to reapply when I wear this lipstick and it requires very little work. Third is the shade. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I find it is easier to wear than red. By no means is it any way less bold and this together with all the other reasons mentioned above makes it the perfect lipstick!


The next two products are standouts products. First a product off my wishlist, Stila’s Eyes are the Window palette. Twelve amazing matte shades all in one beautiful palette. This has made it here not only because it was a gift but because it is everything I want in a palette. It’s not often I find a palette where I would use every single shade and that alone makes it a standout this year. Plus it’s just so pretty!

Stila Mind

The other standout product is Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Body Balm. Another gift this year and one I don’t think I would have ever bought for myself. I love almost everything about this product, the smell, the texture, how amazing it makes my skin feel! I mentioned it in my previous review but unfortunately this is rather an expensive product but, yes I’m going to say it, this is worth saving for. I’m nearly at the bottom of the tub and I’m already saving for a second tub!

body balm


So that’s it for 2015. I can’t wait to see what fills up my beauty bag in 2016!