Awards Season

The Oscars

After the Grammys and the Brits I was hoping The Oscars  would bring a few favourites but, as much as I was looking forward to this awards night, I wasn’t completely blown away. Nevertheless, there are a few I’m happy to ogle!

First let’s take a look at Rooney Mara in Givenchy. I rather like Rooney’s style and this gown didn’t disappoint. There is one small thing I would change; the cut out in the middle is unnecessary but I can get over that. The detail of the fabric and the buttons caught my eye straight away and of course the sleeves sealed the deal. Actually, her makeup really sealed the deal!

Saoirse Ronan has made it to the list again in this stunning Calvin Klein emerald gown. I thought this look was relaxed yet sultry but in no way over the top. You can clearly see why it is so important to have a  dress that is well-tailored! An overall great look and a stand out for me.

Calvin Klein

The next dress that I’ve included isn’t necessarily a favourite but this picture is! Take a look at this Dior gown worn by Jennifer Lawrence. I know it’s a bit sneaky to include it but how beautiful is it?!


If you have time you should take a look at some of the outfits worn at the after parties. Some were better than their actual Oscars gowns! Chrissy Teigan, Elizabeth Banks, Zoe Kazan and Alicia Vikander are all worth a look. Must be hard deciding on which two outfits to wear!




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