Beauty Bag 

I’m impressed!

Beauty Bag

It’s been a while since I ventured into my beauty bag but I’m glad to say it’s full to the brim with standout products. I’ve given them all a good test run and am happy to report what I’ve found.

I’m going to start with a Christmas present that I picked for myself. I had a voucher for Arnotts department store here in Dublin and I knew exactly what I was going to buy. I’ve had my eye on a number of Zoeva products for a while, mainly eyeshadows and brushes. I treated myself to the Nude Spectrum palette; fifteen beautiful, warm, earthy-toned shades in a combination of matte and pearl finishes. I already have some of these shades but what I like is that this palette has everything I need in one place. The pigmentation is outstanding on all of the shades and even on my oily eyelids, they stand the test of time. They blend so effortlessly and a little goes a long way. At roughly thirty six euro you may expect more from the packaging (it’s rather cardboard-like and gets dirty easily) but I will forgive that given the quality of the product inside. I would definitely go back and buy any of their palettes on offer.

Another outstanding product is a blush in the shade AppleBloom Pink from & Other Stories. I was looking for a more subdued shade of pink and this is ideal for my skin tone. I still need plenty of practice when it comes to blush and some days I can easily overdo it but even with my clumsy hand this shade is very forgiving. I’m not keen on any highlighter, strobe-type blush and this is great for giving a bit of warmth without being dull or looking like I’ve landed in a container of glitter. A nice middle ground indeed.

Staying with makeup let me show you this three euro mascara which I LOVE! I don’t say it often about mascara but I love this product. Penneys PS Lash Contour Mascara is the bizz! The combination of what I describe as a half moon-shaped brush meets all of my mascara needs. I start with the smaller bristles to get right at the base of my lashes and then use the longer, curved side to build length. I’m really impressed with this mascara more than any other I have used lately. Of course the price tag helps and the fact that the Primark PS cosmetic range is cruelty free however, all the labelling has worn off my tube and I can’t see if it has the Leaping Bunny logo. I have been trying to repurchase this and have had difficulty finding it in some smaller Penneys stores which I’ve been in a panic about so when I do find it I will buy three or four of them so I have a stash.

I’m saving the best for last but before I get to that let me show you Pit Putty natural deodorant. I brought a mini tub to give it a go as you know what I’m like with anything scented. I got the Lemongrass and Tea Tree and for a while I did very well with it. Now, I didn’t test it while I was running a marathon but for everyday use I felt it battled my sweatiness well. Unfortunately I used it on a day I developed a migraine and that was the end of the product for me. If there was an unscented version I would have no hesitation in making the switch permanently.

So here it is, the best of the bunch, Emma Hardie’s Moringa Light Cleansing Gel. It was a major surprise to me that I loved the Moringa Cleansing Balm as it is so heavily scented and the cleansing gel is no different. If you are unfamiliar with these products check out my thoughts on the balm here and better still Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends does a beautiful job at describing both products. The cleansing gel comes in a pump bottle and I use it most evenings/mornings. As much as I love the cleansing gel, I do find the balm more luxurious and preferable for those nights when I can be bothered taking a few extra minutes to clean my face. I’m assuming that is why the cleansing gel was developed as I would reach for it more often because it is lighter and feels more appropriate for everyday use. Mind you, it’s not cheap, but you get a whopping one hundred ml for approximately forty-seven euro. A splurge indeed but given how well my skin responds to it using only a tiny amount, it is worth the money.



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