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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, yes? In this case it is. If you saw my Instagram chats on Monday you would have heard me talk about Leandra Medine of Manrepeller and her very effective weekly round-up on Instagram. I’m following suit in the hope of reducing my time on social media, but more importantly my hope is to be more efficient on social media. What I like about her round-up is that I feel I get an insight into her week, some parts glamorous, some professional, some family and some of her husband’s impeccable grocery packing skills. A good mix indeed and something I feel I lack. Mostly because I feel I have either nothing to say or too much to say and maybe I’m not alone here. Often I don’t post anything as I feel most parts of my week are a bit mundane but that is life. Work, family, adventures whether big or small, crappy days which need an extra bit of chocolate or days where I’m on top of the world because I’ve managed to sort dinner and lunches for the following day all before I’ve put Lucille to bed and the next round of jobs start. Granted, my life is by no means as exciting as Leandra Medine but already in just a week I have found that I’m more connected to what I want to share with you. It’s amazing really how I have condensed my week into thirty second snippets. Be sure to check out my Instastories on Sunday to see how my week faired and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram (Mum and Dad I’m talking to you) I’ll capture it here for you. This is how the week looked.

6 a.m. on Monday started with a quick makeup look that I actually did a video of the previous weekend. Too long for Instagram videos (rookie mistake), I decided to put it on my dormant Youtube Channel. I don’t think it can really be called a Youtube Channel at this stage but it’s there all the same. No editing, just me filming on my phone. I spoke about most of the products used in my latest Beauty Bag and honestly I can’t see this look changing any time soon.

Monday night was a great example of feeling like I was winning at life. Lucille’s lunch made for the following day, a super tasty red lentil and pea quinoa concoction was whipped up and my sugo was simmering away filling the house with, in my opinion, one of the best smells in the world. Dinner and lunches sorted; I was on top of the world!

From cooking dinner in my pjs on Monday evening I went to the launch of Arnotts Irish Jewellery Collective on Tuesday night. A great opportunity to not only see some beautiful pieces but also to meet the designers and hear their vision and stories behind their amazing craftsmanship. What it took to get me there was another story and if you are a parent you will be familiar with the logistics of needing help, in my case for a thirty minute gap. Logistics, guilt, it all rolls into one really. I got there in the end and it was worth it.

There is only one word for Wednesday; grim! Can you believe we had this sky in June?!

I got a giggle from a Graham Norton joke about Toy Story 4 which I can’t seem to find and I almost undid all of my reducing social media time by trying to find it. A shame because it was funny. Speaking of funny I had some very interesting skincare conversations that ended with this image.

I listened to a lot of podcasts when I was on maternity leave, mostly because I spent most of the time walking to try and get Lucille to sleep and it was the perfect opportunity to feel I was somehow connected to the world. I have a little less time to do that lately but I’m making an effort to fit it in as it’s something I rather enjoy. This week and honestly each week, I absolutely love listening to Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes on The High Low podcast. I could listen to these ladies all day and if I’m honest, I want to be their friends. In fact I do feel like they are my friends as each week they spark conversations (even if only in my head) about topics discussed. I look up essays and books they have read and value their varying viewpoints on often complex issues. Added to my list of listening is a new favourite; 98fm parenting podcast Nobody Told Me with Lauren O’Sullivan and Sarina Bellissimo. I listen to this driving to work and I’m sure other drivers look at me wondering if I’m ok as I will be laughing hysterically or shouting in total agreement and I’ve even been close to tears with what they discuss. A Perfect podcast for all the things no one told you about parenting. Sarina Bellissimo also alerted me to an interview by Australian journalist Kate Langbrook with Madonna. My love for Madonna has dwindled in recent years but this interview didn’t make me cringe (a general response to anything Madonna-related) despite Kate’s over use of the word ‘cute’. If you are a Madonna fan I suggest you give it a go. I also started listening to Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd, specifically the episode with Sali Hughes but I feel I wasn’t giving it the time and attention it deserved so I paused it and will head to bed a little earlier tonight to finish it.

Another discovery this week has been a taste sensation! A cup of tea and a piece of dark chocolate is standard most nights at lovetomtomHQ so when Mr B came home with Cachet Apricot and Hazelnut Dark Chocolate I wrongly turned my nose up at it. Here was me thinking that this was something I would forgo and how wrong I was. This is so bloody delicious and a new permanent fixture in my cupboard.

Thursday saw a regrettable wardrobe crisis.

Skip to Saturday then for an impromptu picnic.

And of course Sunday evening is not Sunday evening without an extra few minutes in the bathroom for all of these.

Hope you all had a good week.



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