It’s hard to believe the newest lady in my life has already been in the world five months. Life with Lucille so far has entailed endless nappy changes, crying, cuddles, rocking, bouncing, lots of firsts, lots of questions and not a lot of answers. At times I feel my heart is going to explode with happiness and all the other times it feels like my head will explode with the ‘what ifs?’.

It really is amazing to watch Lucille develop. I describe it as one of those beautifully shot David Attenborough films. Every day there is something new. A new movement, a new discovery, a new expression. And then there are some expressions that I recognise. A cheeky glance, a smile, an inquisitive stare and even an evil eye! For someone I’m still getting to know, this familiarity can catch me off guard and I can’t help think of how lucky she is to have these characteristics but even more so, how important it is for her to know who gave them to her.

Before Lucille had even arrived I was astounded at the kindness, generosity and love shown to me and her by the incredible women around me. I often think of how these women will fit into Lucille’s life and how it is my responsibility to ensure that they have a role. I’m determined for her  to be surrounded by intelligence, empathy, humor and strength. By women who will support, encourage and challenge her. I need her to see that these are not exceptional women; they are simply women and I’m very fortunate to know them.

But what about the women who have left us, who I see in her daily? How will she know what they gave her? My mind has gone back to a piece I wrote some two years ago for a jewellery company, Song of Jewellery. A lot has happened since I wrote that piece. Just as I had to say goodbye to more amazing women, I said hello to another. I’m sharing this piece again as this is just one example of memories I will share with Lucille. Memories of women that will become familiar to her, even if through my eyes. If she has their qualities she sure is going to know who she got them from!

Wonderful Woman, Wonderful Jewellery

It’s hard to start this piece about my late Nonna’s earrings without saying ‘I feel she is with me when I wear them’. For someone who is not religious or spiritual, I find this statement conflicting yet true.

I inherited many things from my Nonna, that’s grandmother in italian. Her generosity, stubbornness, I’d like to say her charm, her love for cooking, her plastic turquoise powder container and her earrings. A woman so influential on my life that I am spoilt with endless memories of her. Memories of time spent with her, watching, listening, laughing, at times disagreeing with her ways and her with mine.

Life has moved on and I have taken a path that means I am now living away from my family. Physical reminders of Nonna are limited and my memories are even more precious. Her earrings, a pair of small diamonds encased by gold that fall just below my earlobe ignite such love and longing it at times can be overwhelming. I close my eyes and see her wearing them, standing in the kitchen, preparing a meal fit for royalty and in her mind, that’s what her family was. I can see her smile as I arrive to her house and hear her voice calling my name in her own inimitable way. She would ask if I’ve eaten and in the space of our usual greeting of hugs and kisses, the coffee was on and I was going to be fed whether I was hungry or not.

Just five months ago I married my Irish love in New York. Just the two of us on an adventure which has been the nature of our entire relationship. Even though it was just the two of us, we had reminders of our loved ones including Nonna. Before any decisions were made for such a momentous day I knew I would be wearing her earrings, regardless of what the rest of my outfit looked like. I did wear them and they were perfect.

As precious as these earrings are I don’t just save them for special occasions. I wear them often because I want to share their beauty and hers with anyone who asks, ‘Your earrings are gorgeous! Where did you get them from?’



A lovetomtom Christmas

A lovetomtom Christmas

Gift Guide

It’s time again for a lovetomtom Christmas gift guide and I’m being a little selfish this year and suggesting lots of things I would be more than happy for Santa to bring. Some are practical, some are extravagant, some are bargains but most importantly I hope they are useful to you. Continue reading

In This Week’s News

In This Week’s News

I know I have written loads about my wedding but there is one story I haven’t shared. Don’t worry it’s actually a very short story and you can find in THE NEW YORK TIMES!

I’m so thrilled to see my name maybe not quite up in lights, I’m working on that, but in The New York Times and with this special story.

Click here to read how I picked my engagement ring; it’s in The New York Times!! Just in case you missed that part.

We're married

Photograph by Alex Feld


Song of Jewellery

Song of Jewellery

Wonderful Women , Wonderful Jewellery

This post is very special to me. Even more special because I was able to share it as guest writer for Song of Jewellery.

You’ve probably guessed what’s it’s about, jewellery of course and in this case, jewellery that is very dear to my heart.

Click here to read the article and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

lovetomtom - Song of Jewellery



Question of the Day

Question of the Day

Another week of questions

It’ been another great week of questions. Everything from lipstick to accessories to shoes.

Some of you asked were I got this amazing neck piece from and this stunner is from Manley. Emma Manley is an Irish designer and I was lucky enough to win a voucher for taking a picture of me in a Manley piece (see sometimes selfies pay off) and this is what I bought with it.

Manley neck piece

As for my sunglasses, people are often shocked with my answer as my frames are Specsavers brand. They are prescription glasses and it is a good thing in a way as if I didn’t need prescriptions sunnies, I image I would have a different pair of sunglasses for every day!





Weekend wardrobe

 Did somebody say weekend?


Weekend goodies

I don’t usually post my #OOTW on a Monday but seeing as I’m talking about weekends and days off, I figure you are either still dreaming about the one just gone or planning the weekend ahead, so  either way, it’s perfect timing for this week’s #OOTW.

Favourite tees

I don’t feel I’m fully out of my winter hibernation and unless I have specific plans, I have been staying local of late. That kind of weekend, the one where breakfast rolls into lunch and there’s lots of coffees, chats and casual catch ups, means there is a certain outfit to match the mood. You can probably guess which outfits are in my weekend wardrobe as I seem to be wearing them all the time lately (check my Instagram pics if you don’t believe me). Whether it’s the comfort of a stripe or the memory of a time where I felt ‘too cool for school’ with my very first Sportsgirl t-shirt (I was far from cool but happy all the same. Aussie pals – ring any bells?), these outfits provide a comfort and ease that is perfect for that kind of weekend.

I surprise myself at times, as I do believe ‘overdressed is best’, so even the idea of wearing sneakers can be a struggle. To balance this out, I like to throw in a dressier item into the mix so I don’t feel like a complete slob. Trust me, me in full-on causal means being at home in my pjs and not getting a whole lot done.

Weekend goodies

You can see why I gravitate to these tees. Add a pair of flats or a piece of jewellery, a smaller handbag and a bomber jacket and I feel relaxed yet motivated enough to face the day (and food) ahead.

What do you wear on a relaxed weekend in?


Scrapbook #2

Scrapbook #2

(and a bit of wind down)

Tiny tree

It is that time of year, the shops are full, people are stocking up like the world is ending, seems like everyone has some kind of germ (me included) and some might say my pj season started a bit too early but I disagree. That sums up the past month really. Throw in a  new shade of lipstick (hot pink!) and a few pictures you may have missed and there you have it!

Red shoes go with everything!



If only every winters day was like this

Before I look too far into 2015 can I say a very big thank you to all the support, followers, likes and comments so far. lovetomtom started as a fun idea and I’m glad to say that hasn’t changed one bit. I have so  much fun writing and sharing this blog and it means a lot that you take the time to read it!

As far as 2015 goes there is some really fun things planned for lovetomtom and I can’t wait to share them.

However you’re spending the festive season stay warm or put  sunscreen on, eat lots of good food, have a big belly laugh or a few if possible and don’t forget to look out for your loved ones, near and far.

Tea anyone?