Did somebody say weekend?


Weekend goodies

I don’t usually post my #OOTW on a Monday but seeing as I’m talking about weekends and days off, I figure you are either still dreaming about the one just gone or planning the weekend ahead, so  either way, it’s perfect timing for this week’s #OOTW.

Favourite tees

I don’t feel I’m fully out of my winter hibernation and unless I have specific plans, I have been staying local of late. That kind of weekend, the one where breakfast rolls into lunch and there’s lots of coffees, chats and casual catch ups, means there is a certain outfit to match the mood. You can probably guess which outfits are in my weekend wardrobe as I seem to be wearing them all the time lately (check my Instagram pics if you don’t believe me). Whether it’s the comfort of a stripe or the memory of a time where I felt ‘too cool for school’ with my very first Sportsgirl t-shirt (I was far from cool but happy all the same. Aussie pals – ring any bells?), these outfits provide a comfort and ease that is perfect for that kind of weekend.

I surprise myself at times, as I do believe ‘overdressed is best’, so even the idea of wearing sneakers can be a struggle. To balance this out, I like to throw in a dressier item into the mix so I don’t feel like a complete slob. Trust me, me in full-on causal means being at home in my pjs and not getting a whole lot done.

Weekend goodies

You can see why I gravitate to these tees. Add a pair of flats or a piece of jewellery, a smaller handbag and a bomber jacket and I feel relaxed yet motivated enough to face the day (and food) ahead.

What do you wear on a relaxed weekend in?



2 thoughts on “Weekend wardrobe

  1. Oh my ….. your Sportsgirl T-shirt took me right back ….. your Mum and I would love to buy Sportsgirl clothing but …… we did not have that sort of money back then 😦 … but we made do with copies …. !!!!
    Oh yeah … we where the original hipster’s back then – hey Amal ! LOL

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