Question of the Day

Another week of questions

It’ been another great week of questions. Everything from lipstick to accessories to shoes.

Some of you asked were I got this amazing neck piece from and this stunner is from Manley. Emma Manley is an Irish designer and I was lucky enough to win a voucher for taking a picture of me in a Manley piece (see sometimes selfies pay off) and this is what I bought with it.

Manley neck piece

As for my sunglasses, people are often shocked with my answer as my frames are Specsavers brand. They are prescription glasses and it is a good thing in a way as if I didn’t need prescriptions sunnies, I image I would have a different pair of sunglasses for every day!


You also asked what this lipstick was and you will have to wait for this month’s beauty bag for the full review.






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