Outfit of the Week

Stripes on repeat


You may have noticed in the past month there have been three pieces of clothing that have been on constant repeat. All three pieces could have got the title of Outift of the Week but I chose this skirt for one main reason; it cost me €4!

I saw this striped, almost shimmery skirt on the sale rail in Topshop and I picked it up mainly because of the soft, stretchy fabric. The stripes of course helped but I wasn’t that keen on the colour scheme. Then I thought about what I could wear it with; t-shirts, shirts, vests, jumpers, cardigans, heels, flats, sneakers and with a price tag of €4 this slightly out of my comfort zone skirt was mine.


I am so glad I took the risk as it is one of the most comfortable and versatile things I own. I initially wore it with a green jumper and it is one of my favourite combinations. I’ve worn it with a black t-shirt for a more casual look and also with a yellow top for a real in-your-face pop of colour but my mind always goes back to green.

Outfit of the week

I’m slightly embarrassed at how often I wear this skirt but for the comfort, price and endless style options, I’ll get over it!



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