This Week

This Week It's Monday night, the end of a bank holiday weekend and if there is ever a week I want to zip by me it's this one. There is much excitement here at lovetomtomHQ so before I countdown every minute of this week check out what happened so far.  I started the week by … Continue reading This Week


This Week

This Week I took full advantage of summer this week taking every opportunity to have my legs out and do all those summer activities that I spend most of the year day dreaming about. I started the week with dinner with an Aussie pal that finished with gelato in the park. If only every week … Continue reading This Week

Kiss Goodbye to MS

Kiss Goodbye to MS If ever I needed a reason to wear red lipstick, this sure is a good one! It’ time to pucker up and  Kiss Goodbye to MS.  MS Ireland is joining the global campaign to Kiss Goodbye to MS and I'm delighted to be taking part. It's simple really, wear, dare or share. With your favourite red lipstick , … Continue reading Kiss Goodbye to MS