This Week

This week felt rather quiet because all my attention was focused on one thing; the arrival of Lisa Eldridge’s lipsticks. I am bursting to talk about them so here is a super fast look at the rest of the week. Work, washing nappies, many outfit changes (Lucille’s that is. I’m loving the warmer weather and seeing her bare arms and legs), limited sleep thanks to a recent sleep strike (again Lucille), more work, a slow return to Keto, or my version of it, a few other bits, but who cares; I want to talk about lipstick! Oh and it was my birthday but first let’s talk lipstick.

If you remember I ordered two out of the four of Lisa Eldridge‘s summer range. One I knew for sure I was going to buy and one I took a chance on. The way she shows the lipstick on her website is so clever. You can see them on four different skin tones which I think is very helpful. The first I bought which will come as no surprise is Rainbow Spill. She describes it as ‘A bright, red/coral watermelon pink with a muted neon edge.’ My much loved TopShop Watermelon lipstick is coming to an end so I knew this would be its replacement. Looking at the bullet, at first I thought it was too bright and that I had made a huge mistake but with one effortless swoosh across my lips I knew I was onto a winner. If you have never worn a colour like this before you will be frightened by its sublime power. If you are an old hand at pink lipsticks you will be so comfortable with the intense pigment you will wear it like you do your favourite pair of underwear.

I saved this beauty’s first outing for my birthday celebrations and it was just perfect. Between the food, wine, cakes and kisses, as expected, it stayed put. This was me back home after all of that with just one touch up. I should have said from the start that all four are sold out and I would hope they are re-released as I will buy this again to have as a back up in my beauty bag when I get to the bottom of this one.

The second of the two lipsticks I bought was Go Lightly. ‘A light, vibrant salmon pink semi sheer lipstick.’ An unusual choice for me as I am generally matte all the way but I have found the odd day where I want to wear a shade that is not the focus but still want a pop of colour. On those days I would always wear Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, a lipstick I think everyone should own but Go Lightly has that pop of colour that Pillow Talk does not. For me, these semi-sheer lipsticks need more work than any matte. I find that I’m more conscious of reapplying throughout the day and how they sit on my lips. I guess it is what you’re used to and with not even a week of wearing Go Lightly I feel the same. It is absolutely beautifully comfortable to wear and the shade on me seems more pink than coral. No regrets in buying it and it is one that I will get great use out of, though I much prefer the saturated colours. I could write/talk about these lipstick all day and in fact I wrote a rather lengthy post on her first release of the Velvet range which I will publish during the week. With so many makeup choices out there it doesn’t take much to lose customers and in every aspect from ordering to product quality, Lisa Eldridge is the ultimate professional. At twenty six pounds per lipstick (plus shipping) I am happy to part with my cash.

With all the lipstick excitement (in between the other boring stuff) I had no time to listen to any podcasts or continue to read my current book this week. I did make time to dance with Lucille; something we do every opportunity we get. I also purchased a year’s worth of 100% certified organic cotton, 100% biodegradable tampons from the fabulous ilo; an amazing company founded by Jette Virdi. I urge you to check out her products and her approach to periods.

And of course there was a birthday to celebrate. I had the most amazing weekend. One of my most enjoyable birthdays in recent years. Nothing fancy or over the top, just time spent with my loved ones and some yum cakes to help me along my merry way. This pistachio and Nutella sponge was just one of them!

I was thrilled to finish the weekend with sunshine and the opportunity to wear shorts. Yes you read correctly. I bought these denim shorts on my last trip to Australia where it was roasting and everyone had their skin out. I was actually reminded of when I bought them thanks to a birthday message and photo from my sister. The night I bought them we tucked our crazy kids in bed, said goodbye to our husbands and had a night out in Kmart. Wild I know!

Needless to say I haven’t worn them since and actually shuddered a little when I put them on again this weekend but I was in such a good mood I thought feck it, I want to wear them, so I did!

Have a great week everyone.



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