This Week

It’s Monday night, the end of a bank holiday weekend and if there is ever a week I want to zip by me it’s this one. There is much excitement here at lovetomtomHQ so before I countdown every minute of this week check out what happened so far. 

I started the week by putting this denim pinafore back in rotation. I’ve had the odd moment the past few weeks of feeling like I am too old to have my pins out, actually my thighs, but I don’t care enough not to, so this beauty has come out to play.

Despite my love for a bold lip, my nostalgic mood for a heavy eye continued. I actually wore the same look all week. I put this picture up on Monday and loved reading all of your nostalgic makeup looks. I also did another lipstick demo to match eye makeup which you can see below.

I got two deliveries this week. One was another of Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet Morning lipstick and the other I was equally excited to find a years worth of ilo tampons. I’ve spoken about ilo before and will again. An amazing company with a brilliant attitude towards periods.

Lucille is all about toes and shoes this week. I spend most of my time trying to teach her that toes don’t come off your feet despite her best efforts. That and trying to find her shoes and get them on her feet. Anyone would think I was wrestling a crocodile with the amount of struggling that goes on.

In the fashion world this week British Vogue’s September issue was released with it’s guest editor being HRH The Duchess of Sussex.

‘Entitled #ForcesForChange, the cover features 15 world-leading women who are reshaping public life for global good, and were personally chosen by The Duchess of Sussex, and British Vogue’s editor-in-chief @Edward_Enninful. The 16th slot – which, in print, appears as a mirror – is intended by The Duchess to show how you are part of this collective moment of change too.’ British Vogue 

Overall I thought this was a good starting point for an alternative conversation and there was some excitement here in Ireland with Sinéad Burke being included on the cover. I’m far from being a Royal fan but it seems there is always a particular narrative associated with The Duchess of Sussex and this issue was no different. My tolerance of stupidity seemed particularly low this week and as a result I couldn’t be bothered with the cynical attitude towards this issue. Instead I took it for what it is; a fashion magazine showcasing their concept of ‘Forces for Change’. I’m not so naive to think that all of these women were picked just for their work rather than who they might know. Could there have been other more prominent activists on the cover? Of course, but there weren’t, and for whatever the reasons they were chosen, there are some pretty amazing women on the cover and if that starts even a small force for change, great.

I had started writing (ranting) about Instagram and their recent trial of invisible likes but I think I will save it for a live chat tomorrow if anyone is interested. If the trial is on where you are I’d love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment below or join me tomorrow morning on, you guessed it, Instagram.

On a lighter note, the weekend arrived and it was time to prepare for my house guests! Nothing like the arrival of guests to make you realise how dirty your house is. What started out as a ‘tidy’ turned into a redesign (of the house) and seeing dust in places I didn’t know dust could be found. Putting said dust to one side, we are so excited to be welcoming my parents and being the best girl that Lucille is, she has learnt how to say Nonno just in time.

Before I go here is one of this week’s GIFs. Enjoy.



5 thoughts on “This Week

  1. With 3 sleeps to go packing was done in order of importance…Lucille’s gifts, Mr and Mrs B treats and then the necessities for nonno and nonna. No need to have worried about the dust Jo will be too busy with Lucille to even notice!!! LOL

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