This Week

I took full advantage of summer this week taking every opportunity to have my legs out and do all those summer activities that I spend most of the year day dreaming about.

I started the week with dinner with an Aussie pal that finished with gelato in the park. If only every week could start like this.

I’m still on a lipstick buzz (my base line at the moment) and wanted to share the goodness of Lisa Eldridge’s Rainbow Spill. If you didn’t see it check out my very quick video below. I will do more of these to show you how whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day applies and then I’ll show you its staying power throughout the day. I’m more than happy to do a lipstick video each day so if you’re a fan of these let me know.

Despite the sunshine and lipstick buzz I was having one of those weeks where I wanted to wear not one thing in my wardrobe. It is definitely time to get back to my Sunday wardrobe preparation. I had tried a few weeks back to prepare a number of outfits for the week ahead which allowed a little spontaneity without feeling like I was working with limited items. Added bonus, it helps avoid those ‘I have nothing to wear’ moments.

I had some lovely moments with baby Lucille who has taken to snuggling up with me, even if just for 3 minutes. Up until this point in my parenthood journey I have detested the word ‘magical’ but I dare say that I may come close to using it to describe these brief moments.

I have become rather fond of using GIFs to explain any and every situation or mood. I don’t know how I communicated without them! This week’s have included the following. I’ll let you fill in the gaps.

I also had online conversations that included this

And this. Maybe only funny to a few.

The weekend arrived and before I knew it Sunday evening was here. I decided to finish the week in the most fashionable way possible; the couch, a little bit of work, pjs and bubbles.

See you next week.



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