This Week

I had rather a fun week this week. Actually a fun weekend and for anyone who rarely gets a few minutes to themselves you will understand how not only a few minutes but a few hours to yourself can make you feel like you’ve been on two weeks holiday. That was me this week. I had some time to myself on Saturday for work and fun and I made the most of it! Before I get to that here’s what the rest of week looked like.

Nearly all of my car journeys look like this. Lipstick(s), coffee, shoes and what used to be Lucille’s nappy bag, now my work bag full of more than I actually need for the day ahead. Speaking of lipstick, my excitement hasn’t faded this week. I have worn Lisa Eldridge’s Rainbow Spill almost daily and every time I wear it, there is more than one conversation about it (which I love). Because I have so much to say about them, I’m going to attempt Instagram Live Videos during the week so you can see their applications and hear me ramble on about how much I love them.

This week I decided to rejoin Twitter and what a week to do it. I had lost interest in Twitter for some time and no harm to take a break from some or all social media platforms. What a week to rejoin with KLM making a complete balls of a topic dear to my heart; breastfeeding. If you missed the furore it went something like this: KLM responded to an individual asking about their breastfeeding policy and they responded with a rather idiotic tweet about the mother needing to cover up so that other passengers are not offended. It didn’t stop there. It was a masterclass of how not to handle a public relations disaster. There were some great responses by the Twitter community and I couldn’t help myself by responding with this.

I made time this week to listen to some podcasts in my rotation. I returned to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and I have to admit I was a little hasty in my initial statement of ‘I’m not sure if I would make this podcast a regular’. I am sure. I really found my rhythm with this episode  so much so that, like a good book I could not stop listening. If I got interrupted I was rather grumpy and couldn’t wait to get back to it. I do think it was Julia Louis-Dreyfus more than Dax Shepard that I was interested in but having seen some of his work, I’m happy to keep this podcast in my rotation. Next will be his interview with Gywenth Paltrow which I’ll tune into out of pure curiosity.

Fast forward to Saturday morning and this is how I felt about the weekend:

I was rather excited to have most of the day to myself and I made sure I used it wisely. First up I was lucky enough to attend a masterclass with author Caroline Foran. A great morning to hear from those in the writing world. Next stop was Fair Lady Dublin Vintage Bazaar. Although I didn’t buy anything I have to say it was very hard to resist the urge with such beautiful pieces on display.

After that I continued on my merry way to get a quick fringe trim and afterwards, I did some window shopping. I treated myself to an iced coffee from Shoe Lane Coffee and I managed to listen to another podcast. I have spoken about 98fm Nobody Told Me before but it is worthy of another mention. In Episode 5: “Oh S**t, I’ve Kids!”, Sarina and Lauren talk to Brian Maher presenter on 98fm to get a man’s perspective on this parenting business. It was funny and at times for me emotional as I was thrown back into situations and conversations that Mr B and I have had together. Needless to say we relived some of those ‘oh my god’ moments that evening and one in particular I’m eager to forget. Hard to do, when it seems Mr B is rather scarred by the experience. It involves poo and not Lucille’s.

No fashion outfits to show you this week as I am rewearing most of my summer outfits so you’ve seen them all before. I might change a shoe, add different accessories, alternate lipstick shades but If I’m honest, I’m lucky to change anything at all. There are a few ensembles that I feel great in, so I keep wearing them. Here’s to another week of weather that allows me to rewear my summer wardrobe!

Have a great week.



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