This Week

Sunday already? I can’t believe it! This week was one of those weeks were it was all work, Wiggle songs and wondering how it was Sunday already.

Thank goodness the week started with some brighter skies. A perfect day to test out a random purchase. Talk about being in desperate need of sunshine! I wasn’t totally sold on these River Island shoes when I bought them and even left the tags on thinking I would return them but after some wardrobe experimentation I decided they got to stay. Not a shape I would normally go for but my ever growing desperation for sunshine and ‘fun shoes’ outweighed my uncertainty. I have to say having worn them most days the past week I’m glad I kept them, as above anything else, they are so comfortable.

The sunshine had definitely soaked through my bones and gave me all the inspiration for Tuesday’s outfit. Polka dots, animal prints, accessories, red lipstick and big earrings. More is more right? No time for a mirror selfie, just a few minutes for this picture before Lucille’s little fingers created her own masterpiece.

Mid week saw some fun exchanges of photos of nieces and nephews and a glimpse of Lucille starting to look like me. I don’t know whether I’m glad or if I feel sorry for her. I give you permission to laugh.

One of my favourite stores in Dublin Om Diva gave a taste of new stock coming and given the mood I’m in, I want them all!

Lucille and I got in some lovely park time. A great way for her to say hi to every person, dog and bird she sees. Literally. Once out of the pram she is free to explore and go in every direction other than the one we actually need to go in. If you never see me again you know where to find me.

This week’s listening included some regulars; check out last’s weeks post for some of my favourites podcasts. I added a new podcast to the list this week, Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard. Episode 114 was one for me as his guest was Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It’s on the lengthy side so despite starting it on Monday, I’m yet to finish it. I’m rather a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus so I will see it through but I’m not sure if I would make this podcast a regular.

I have no travels plans this year which makes me pine for any kind of getaway and this week I stumbled across Joanna Lumley’s 2018 ‘Silk Road Adventure‘ documentary series. I started on episode three and whether I started at episode one or three, she has me sold. Her mesmerising voice and ever impressive head attire against such mystical surroundings has Iran moving further up my travel list. Unless the Donald and Iran’s leaders screw things up for everyone, that is. There was a laugh out loud moment where I questioned what she was wearing on her head and just at that moment she did the very same; ‘Now I think some of you may be a little bit anxious about what I’m wearing on my head’. She goes on to make a comparison between Hilda Ogden and a Florida golf widow. I had no idea who Hilda Ogden was but between her fashionable wit and the ever tempting adventure of Iran my bags are packed.

And then it was the weekend. It saw more work, more Wiggles and finished with some cousin story time.

Here’s to another hopefully not so fast week.



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