This Week

Week three of my new ‘reducing time on social media’ and I’m thrilled with how well it is going, but boy do I feel my weekly wrap-up is making my week go faster! I’m going to have to find another way to start these wrap-ups without saying ‘the week flew by’. Is it age related? Or just the world we live in? I was only talking to a colleague during the week about trying to find the time to do everything. This was in relation to a nostalgic conversation about going to the butcher, baker, grocer and he commented that he wouldn’t have the time to visit each specialist. My mind went back to our Italian holiday last year where we did exactly that and I loved it. Granted, holidays are a different pace but I wonder if everyone made the time to visit their local butcher, bakery, grocer etc would we be forced to slow down and would we enjoy the slower pace? I say this while typing frantically, looking at the dirty dishes in the sink and the dinner that needs to be prepared.

Getting back on topic, this week brought the sunshine I have been so desperate for. I say it every year but Dublin is truly amazing in the sunshine. So grateful for the rays and the opportunity to wear some favourite dresses and feel the sun soak into my bones.

My alarm clock, aka Lucille, woke unusually early and completely threw my morning routine. This is why I’m up and ready before she is.

Besides my yellow shoes, I haven’t bought anything new for a while and have been making good use of what I have and this super comfy Stylefeed Paris dress is getting a good run. I won it last year and it is a fabulous breastfeeding friendly dress. It is so comfy and versatile I will be wearing it breastfeeding or not.

Lipstick lovers listen closely. I gave a little scream when I was watching Lisa Eldridge’s latest makeup tutorial and she shared the news that she is launching her next range of lipstick in the coming weeks! This time, a range of pinks about which I am giddy with excitement. I realised I haven’t published my piece on her velvet range and will save it for another few weeks as she is re-releasing the original velvet reds in July. Not only will I be glued to my computer for the release of the pinks but I will go back to purchase her Velvet Ribbon in the shade Morning which I wear almost daily. You can see it on me in the picture above.

I’ve started a new project and have dived head first into one of my favourite phases of any project; research and mood boards.

The weekend saw celebrations with friends in the beautiful setting that is St Anne’s park in Dublin and yes, I stopped and smelt the roses.

Not a lot of time for podcasts this week but one topic that was discussed on The High Low Podcast has stuck with me. In last week’s episode (19th June), social activist and anti-female genital mutilation campaigner, Nimco Ali OBE, discussed her book What We’re Told Not To Talk About (But Are Going To Anyway). Her book shares stories from 42 women across 14 countries on topics including forced marriage, genital mutilation, the menopause and what it’s like to get your period when you’re homeless. Hearing Nimko Ali speak was not easy listening and I feel guilty in admitting I’m not sure if I could read her book, but her work is so important. It seems FGM is the topic of the week as I’ve heard a variety of interviews with different women across various mediums and I can’t shake what I’ve heard. If you are interested in this topic Nimco Ali is a good place to start.

Another outing for my Stylefeed dress and this time I thought I would mix things up and swap my beloved Salt-Water sandals for these which I have worn once. Shame on me I know, but I remembered why. They are so bloody uncomfortable! If it ain’t broke and all that. Back to comfort and predictability with my saltwater sandals for the rest of the weekend.



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