More Fat

Before I give you my keto update, be sure to read Fat Fat Fat otherwise none of this will make sense!

Since I last spoke about keto, things have taken an ugly turn. I’m still consumed by fat but this time the ugly kind. My experience with keto was going well. I was seeing the benefits and felt this way of eating had become my norm. During the first two months I had very few ‘slips’ or cheats’ as some people call them. I actually had no intention of cheating as that is not how keto works. None of this five-day on, two-day off business. I didn’t go through what is known as ‘keto-flu’ to  have to start from scratch again after one sniff of bread! If you have ever detoxed from anything,  you can only imagine what I’m talking about. I did have the odd non-keto meal and if I’m honest I really didn’t enjoy them so didn’t feel the need to have those ‘cheat’ meals. Even though I didn’t feel the need for non-keto meals, I somehow stumbled into a new way, or in this case an old way of eating: Shove everything I see into my gob. That very way of eating was what lead me to keto in the first place.

With me eating my body weight in Cherry Ripes (an Australian treat that my parents brought over), bread, sugar, pizza and alcohol amongst other things I noticed something different. Before I started eating according to a keto diet I was eating anything that was in front of me, shaming myself about eating what I was eating while going in for another mouthful. This time while stuffing my face with Cherry Ripes I did less of the shaming and decided that this was where I was at that point in time.

More fat

Maybe that’s why my time with keto had been so successful, because I was ready to make those changes. A few months back I had that conversation over and over again in my head, that I needed to eat better. My body was telling me that what I was eating was making me feel rubbish but I didn’t do anything about it. However, for some reason or another, the day I decided to start keto was different to all those other days. Something just seemed to click and I knew I was ready to take on this change. It’s the exact same thing with #lovetomtomSBD the past month. I wanted to exercise more and I did (am). We all know the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet but maybe it’s best when it’s on our terms. The other thing I realised is that for me, keto has to be all or nothing until I can find some kind of healthy middle ground. What that will look like I have no idea but until I find it, the benefits and my head space say I’m going back to the good fat.

Like I said in my last post, I would never encourage or recommend a diet for anyone else other than myself but if I’m ever going to tell you what to do it’s this: Enjoy the chocolate or bread or whatever food it is that you like to eat. If you feel it is affecting your health, do something about it but only when you feel ready.



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