Beauty Bag Wrap Up


If you are anything like me you can’t believe December has been and gone. It was rather an eventful month for me but details on that will come later. For now I thought it would be the perfect time for a Beauty Bag wrap up.  There have been a lot of beauty and makeup products this past year so seeing as this is a wrap up I will try and include products that have become permanent fixtures in my beauty bag and maybe a few standout  products. I can’t help myself!

It is hard not to start with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]. This product made it to last year’s standout list and here it is again. Basically I love this so much because I find it helps prevent breakouts and when I do get the occasional pesky spot, it keeps it to a minimum! You can see why this has made it to the list for a second year in a row.

La Roche Possey

Next up is another La Roche-Posay product and a newbie this year. I first tried the Serozinc spray earlier in the year on a trip to Paris and I’ve been using it ever since. The serozinc spray keeps my skin calm and it’s a perfect partner to the Effaclar Duo. It’s reasonably priced, easy to use and feels great on my skin. Definitely a keeper!


Moving on to nails and you won’t be surprised to find Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover here. I declared my love for this product a few months ago and it hasn’t changed. For someone who wears nail polish everyday, this product really is a must!

Bourjois Magic nail polish remover

Moving onto makeup and again, it won’t be a surprise to find L’Oréal’s Infallible 24H Matte foundation here. I’ve written about it a few times this year and you can jog your memory here, here and here. Basically the price point of this foundation blows my mind as it is the best foundation I have found for my oily skin. It has overtaken all other foundations I’ve tried this year and undoubtedly it’s staying in my beauty bag!


I couldn’t wrap up the year without including a lipstick and this year it was a tough choice. My standout lipstick for 2015 is Bobbi Brown’s lipstick in the shade orange. I’ve had this lipstick for a good while and it is almost all used up! Feels like an achievement getting to the bottom of the bullet. There a are few reasons why this lipstick has made the list. First, the texture; matte but not drying and not sheer and shiny either and it is easy to apply and doesn’t feel like you have any lipstick. Second is the staying power. I hardly need to reapply when I wear this lipstick and it requires very little work. Third is the shade. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I find it is easier to wear than red. By no means is it any way less bold and this together with all the other reasons mentioned above makes it the perfect lipstick!


The next two products are standouts products. First a product off my wishlist, Stila’s Eyes are the Window palette. Twelve amazing matte shades all in one beautiful palette. This has made it here not only because it was a gift but because it is everything I want in a palette. It’s not often I find a palette where I would use every single shade and that alone makes it a standout this year. Plus it’s just so pretty!

Stila Mind

The other standout product is Jo Malone’s Vitamin E Body Balm. Another gift this year and one I don’t think I would have ever bought for myself. I love almost everything about this product, the smell, the texture, how amazing it makes my skin feel! I mentioned it in my previous review but unfortunately this is rather an expensive product but, yes I’m going to say it, this is worth saving for. I’m nearly at the bottom of the tub and I’m already saving for a second tub!

body balm


So that’s it for 2015. I can’t wait to see what fills up my beauty bag in 2016!



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