Eyes are the window


My wishlist seems to be getting longer and longer these days with not much coming off it. It’s filled with things that I’m saving for, things that are a bit too expensive but nice to look at and things that I will never own but are still nice to look at! I added a few things to it last month (check them out here) and again some more items in the past couple of weeks thanks to Pinterest and Instagrambut I am delighted to say I finally got to take something off the list!

I had a friend stay with me recently and not only was I over the moon to see her but when she pulled out that shiny pink Mecca bag, I’ll be honest I gave a little squeal. To be fair my squeal was mostly because it was so thoughtful and generous that she had taken the time not only to read my blog but go to the effort of getting me a gift that she knew I would love.


Inside the beautiful pink Mecca bag was this amazing Stila Eyes are the window palette.  I first saw this Stila eyeshadow palette thanks to makeup artist Harriet Hadfield from Harry Makes it up. I couldn’t believe I found a palette filled entirely with matte shades and after seeing it in person I just knew I had to have it! Before I get to the eyeshadows I must talk about the packaging. I’m not usually that fussed with packaging. Really, it’s what’s inside that counts but in this case, Stila have done such a beautiful job. Everything about it is stunning. The clean lines of the mirrored case, the ‘cheat sheet’ inside showing how to create different looks and the thing that topped it off, the protector sheet with the wise words of Albert Einstein printed on it. This is one of those items that really needs to be left out on display. So beautiful in fact I hesitated using it so as not to mess it up, but with a deep clean of my makeup brushes, I couldn’t resist!

Besides the packaging, I have only good things to say about the product itself. The palette feels like it was made for me with all twelve shades being matte and there is not a sparkle in sight, just the way I like it! There are other palettes in the Stila Eyes are the window collection so if you are looking for a bit of shimmer, you’re not forgotten. This palette is made up of nude/taupe type shades, some grey smokey shades, some lovely pink/peachy shades and then the deep, warm shades. Unlike other palettes I have seen, I know every shade in this palette is going to get a good workout both for everyday and for that extra special occasion.

Stila Mind

You can see why this is so special to me. I’m one lucky lady that’s for sure!



4 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. The Colours in the Palette do look stunning and the extra “we care”touches just so great. Pity we don’t get Stila Products over here.
    Thank you for linking up with #ShowcaseTuesday

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