August’s Beauty Bag

Kiko Cosmetics

This month’s beauty bag is going to be a little different, not because I don’t have plenty to show you, but because this month not only did I get a fabulous gift from my wish list but I also got to try a new brand and some completely new products. Let’s start with those.

While I was away in Lisbon, I found Kiko Cosmetics. I’ve seen this brand used by makeup artists and other beauty bloggers, however I’ve not seen it in Dublin. You know I’m not a fan of online shopping so I was delighted to find a stand alone Kiko store in Lisbon. Even better there was a sale, so off I went and did a little shopping. I’m on a bit of a budget this month so decided to limit my purchases to sale items. I should say everything was reasonably priced even without the sale! 

Kiko eyeshadow stick

First thing I picked up was a Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in the shade Burgundy. I tested the stick on my hand and the colour was just gorgeous. Even with makeup remover I found it difficult to get off so it went straight into my basket. I have worn it a few times since and I’m so glad I bought it. It has great staying power, the size of the nib makes it easy to use as eyeshadow and both thick and thin eyeliner and best of all, it was cheap! I’ve worn it on its own as liner and also as a smokey look. The smokey look definitely worked better for me as I found wearing it on its own picked up the redness in my eyes but that’s easily fixed. Add a touch of a darker shade or better still, my favourite Sable eyeshadow to make the eyes stand out and have less of the ‘I need more sleep’ look.

Kiko eyeshadow stick

Kiko Eyeshadow stick

Next I got the Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush in the shade Camellia Red. Despite using blush every single day, it is one makeup product that still scares me. I’ve never used a cream blush before as I have this notion that cream blush and oily skin don’t go together. I don’t know if that is true or not but I thought I’d give it a go regardless. The only negative thing I have to say about the product is, well, me! I haven’t quite mastered its application but I apply it with my fingers, tapping it onto my cheeks. If there is a better way to apply it, please let me know! As far as the actual product goes, I really like it. The colour, the texture, the fact that it lasts all day; it’s a winner all round! 

Kiko cream blush

The last thing I bought (I told you I was on a budget) is the CC Cream Cushion System. Unfortunately I have a feeling this product has been discontinued so I don’t have a lot of information other than what’s in front of me. The only reason I bought this was because I wanted to try the cushion system rather than the product itself which claims to ‘minimize dyschromias and imperfections’. 

Kiko CC cushion

Kiko CC cushion

Kiko CC cushion

As far as the CC cream goes, it’s ok. If I was having a stay at home, don’t need a lot of coverage kind of day, this would do the job but it didn’t really hold up against my oily skin. As far as the cushion system goes, I’m undecided. I rather enjoyed the application of the product, holding the compact in my hand and pressing the product onto my face. I do however have issues with the sponge and germs! I know there’s probably no difference to an unwashed makeup brush but there is just something about it I don’t like. If I knew I could wash it or even purchase new ones then my germ phobia could possibly rest easy. For only €7, it was a great way to try the cushion system and I would definitely give another cushion foundation a go. 

With only three items purchased I have to say I am really impressed with this brand and would not hesitate to go back for more. So impressed I would even consider placing an order online!



3 thoughts on “August’s beauty buys

  1. Kiko is an Italian brand that I wish would come here . I have read a lot of nice things about it but … as an older person … would love to see it “in real life” …. some things are not for us oldies! 🙂

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