September’s Beauty Bag

This month has been a fun one beauty wise mostly because there’s a few gifts inside and who doesn’t love presents?!

A dear friend of mine returned from her holidays in the USA and presented me with that all too familiar black and white striped bag. I knew I was going to like whatever was inside and I wasn’t disappointed. Finally I have my hands on the original Beauty Blender. I know I am slow to the game with this one but I’m here eventually. I had no idea how to use it so I did a bit of research. What I found was rather interesting. I found some very positive information and then I found some frightening information about germs and bugs! At this point I  literally closed the lid of my laptop and washed my makeup brushes. But let’s pretend I know nothing about bugs in Beauty Blenders, I have positive things to say about this little wonder sponge. The application is easy, although I feel it takes me a little longer than using my fingers or a brush to apply foundation but the finish is just amazing! I hate to use words such as ‘flawless’ but that is what I feel the finish is; flawless. It is definitely worth my time both in the application and in taking care of it. Thank you Mrs Fox for knowing me so well!

September's Beauty Bag

Next is another gift from a special friend who spoils me often. This time she treated me to this amazing North America Hemp Co. Shine Spray. You know by now I don’t like too much fuss when it comes to my hair and there are only a few hair products I will give my time to and this is one of them. When I remember, I like to use an oil in my hair (despite my hair being on the oily side) because of the fact that I blow dry it everyday. This oil is definitely a keeper. The smell is beyond words and it does a great job at protecting my hair from the heat. It has all sorts of other benefits like being gluten, sulphate and paraben free and it’s vegan. A great product all round. Again, thank you Mrs M for always looking out for me, and my hair!

September's Beauty Bag

The next item in this month’s beauty bag is one I bought mainly because of the packaging rather than the product. If you haven’t come across Lidl’s range of beauty products, you are missing out.  Cien Nail Polish Remover comes in a plastic, non-spill push-pump bottle that I’m absolutely in love with. Not to take away from my much loved Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover, the Cien Nail Polish Remover for the bottle alone is definitely staying in my beauty bag. The actual nail polish remover is pretty good too.

September's Beauty Bag

September's Beauty Bag

Last up this month is not a newbie, in fact it’s a regular in my beauty bag. Hawiian Tropic Tanning Oil feels like a guilty pleasure but one I love and generally use all year round. It did take a back seat to Nuxe Sun SPF 30 Tanning Oil this summer but with winter just around the corner, the golden oil and delicious summer smell of Hawiian Tropic is going to help me stay in my happy place, even if I’m freezing.

September's Beauty Bag

You may remember last month I spoke about Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker. I’m sad to report that it is still on my wishlist. Rather a busy month indeed but don’t worry, I have actually penciled in a day of shopping in my diary so this lip gem will be mine!  I’ll keep you posted.



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