September’s Beauty Buys

September's Beauty Bag This month has been a fun one beauty wise mostly because there's a few gifts inside and who doesn't love presents?! A dear friend of mine returned from her holidays in the USA and presented me with that all too familiar black and white striped bag. I knew I was going to like … Continue reading September’s Beauty Buys


March’s Beauty Bag

March’s Beauty Bag Between #lovetomtomSBD and my big reveal, this month has flown by and it’s time for another beauty bag update. This month beauty-wise was interesting. There were some good, some freebies which are always good, and some I’m not so sure about. Let’s get the one I’m not sure about out of the way. The latest … Continue reading March’s Beauty Bag

October’s beauty buys

October's Beauty Bag October has been one busy month and my beauty bag is a good reflection of that.  There were a lot of purchases and some even without research! I know, crazy! I'll start with foundation and will keep it short. You know I've been having a foundation crisis so while I'm still trying to decide … Continue reading October’s beauty buys

September’s Beauty Buys

September's Beauty Bag It's that time again! The months are flying through aren't they? Especially when they are measured in beauty products! You may have noticed there was no August Beauty Bag and why would there be when all my attention was on one very special item, the stunning Stila Mind eyeshadow palette.   Let me get … Continue reading September’s Beauty Buys