Crazy hair be gone!


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From this

A few months ago I got a text from the hair salon I go to saying something along the lines of ‘Today is Jane’s (not her real name) last day and she can highly recommend any of the hairdressers at the salon’. What?! My hairdresser is leaving?! My eyes bugged out of my head like I was a cartoon character. All I could think was ‘how could she do this to me!?!’ An inappropriate response you say. Not at all! If you have ever found a hairdresser you like and does exactly what you ask, then you will understand my devastation.

What was I going to do? I loved my short hair and the way she cut it. I always looked forward to getting my hair cut, as there was a sense of security knowing I was going to leave looking exactly how I wanted. After some deliberation and denial, I took the plunge, went back to the same salon  and tried someone new. By the time I got myself together to go in, I had left it way too long for a trim and my hair was starting to take on a life of its own. I decided it was time for a change. My hair grows quickly so I wasn’t too worried about letting it grow and my new hairdresser thankfully was just the person for the job. She knew what I wanted, she knew how to help me get it and understood the pain that goes with growing your hair.

To this
To this

After a few months of not looking like myself and not knowing what to do with my hair, I ventured into the game of hair products. You know I only recently discovered dry shampoo which has been a huge help in this process. I probably should explain, my hair is straight, thick and fluffy. That’s after I wash it. On day two, it is straight and oily. Almost like it belongs to someone else! Since I started using dry shampoo, day two has become more bearable but the longer my hair got, the crazier it got so something had to be done. I started curling it with my hair straightener which I actually liked but it would never hold and by curling I mean more of a twist or even a dent. I could sleep in rollers for a year and it still wouldn’t hold! It was time for a bit of help. I’m not a huge fan of crunchy hairspray and with salt spray being all the rage these days, I thought it could be worth a try. I got my hand on Charles Worthington’s Style Setter Salt Spray which you probably saw a glimpse of in June’s Beauty Buys.  First impressions were good. It did help when I fake curled my hair however it was not strong enough to hold my hair in place for more than an hour or so. To be fair if you have wavy hair and want that tasselled, non-crunchy look, I think this spray would do the trick.

Back to my crazy hair. This look was a huge change for me. For most of my life, my aim has been to keep every single strand of hair in place. Seriously I can’t tell you how many hours I wasted as a teenager trying to get my hair perfect. Hindsight is a great thing of course and if I could be that daggy teenager again I would just embrace the messiness. So, in my 30’s (never wanting to be that teenager again) that’s exactly what I did, embraced the crazy hair. I twisted it, pinned it and teased it and you know what, my world didn’t fall apart!

To this
To this

Now thankfully I’m at the stage where my hair is almost ready to go into the style I have planned and even though I’ve managed to work with the crazy hair, I’m happy to say goodbye. It has been fun but there is nothing nicer then having my hair cut in a style that suits my hair type and not having to do anything to it. 

To this!
To this. Welcome back bob!



4 thoughts on “Crazy hair be gone!

  1. OMG I understand 🙂

    Commiserations on loosing your hairdresser – can’t you hunt her/him down to their new salon?

    We move internationally every 2-3 years, and finding a new hairdresser for me is right up there with finding the right school for our daughter.

    My hair is thick, curly/frizzy when natural, so on my 30th birthday many years ago, for a joke, I had my hairdresser dry it straight – my brother, who seldom pays anyone a compliment (he’s not nasty, he just doesn’t think to) said you look amazing and from that day on, straight dry it it – I’ve had it Japanese straightened while living in Japan (wrecked my hair), had the 12-week blow dry treatment (better) or simply go to the salon every fortnight for a wash’n’blow.

    When on holidays last year, a friend commented on a photo I posted to FB ‘What on earth have you done to your hair?’ I’d done nothing but let the humidity get to it LOL.

    Love the bob by the way

    1. Ms-havachat thanks for reading the blog and it sounds like you completely understand!!

      Hunt down my old hairdresser. I did exactly that but she unfortunately is having a break from hairdressing. I’m hoping she was flattered and not frightened by my stalking 🙂 Your friends have such honesty. At least you know you won’t walk around with food in your teeth or anything like that!

      Travelling can definitely be hard when it comes to hairdressers. I lived in France for a year, spoke no French and made one unsuccessful attempt of asking for a trim. In the end I cut my own fringe and didn’t have a haircut the whole time were there!


  2. OMG …. you would be surprised what your Mother and I did to our hair in the teenager years! LOL

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