The real lovetomtom has left the building.

(and I’m running out of tissues)

This post seems a bit late since my house guests left almost two weeks ago now but it has taken me a while to compose myself enough to write this.  I don’t need to tell you that saying goodbye to loved ones completely sucks. I am heartbroken, I miss them and I want them here now! Yes I’m being a baby and throwing my toys out of the pram, but I think I’m allowed.

I could write a thesis on how much I miss them and the depths of my homesickness but I will save you. Instead let’s talk about how I prepared for my guests and the real lovetomtom. With all my research I had to remind myself that they were not moving in forever (I wish) and the real lovetomtom is a 2 year old boy who can easily be entertained. Some things I bought new, but most things, like books and toys, I bought from charity shops. I wanted to give him the option of taking goodies home with him so everything I bought had to be light and easily transportable. Not an easy task, as everything I wanted to buy was solid wood or too big to fit into a suitcase! Can you tell I’m a smitten auntie?

With toys and entertainment taken care of, I was left to create a pop-up bedroom. I’m glad I didn’t go too over the top with his room which could have easily happened. I realised after some very grand ideas and swooning over many Pinterest boards, that he wouldn’t be spending that much time in his bedroom and that I was probably decorating it more for the adults! Here are a few things I put together for him.

I couldn’t resist this black and white elephant fabric.



A bit of colour thanks to this ABC wrapping paper I framed.

T is for tomtom

A few extras just for fun.

Kids room accessories

Kids room accessories

Trucks, blocks, books, bubbles, make-believe, dress-ups, music, baby chinos and dancing. Oh the dancing! That’s how I spent my time with the real lovetomtom and I miss him and his mummy and daddy very much.









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