August’s Beauty Bag

August's Beauty Bag

There weren’t too many new additions to the beauty bag this month but the ones that were added were really interesting. Let me show you.

First up is a product I bought in Paris and another to add to my La Roche-Posay collection. The Autohelios Cream-Gel Moisterising Self-Tanner is one I’ve had my eye on for a while and I’m so glad I took the plunge and bought it. I’m all for easy these days so I was looking for something that required no effort other than me slapping it on and voilá! Beautiful, even, sun-kissed skin. I went straight into this product with no preparations. No scrubbing, exfoliating and whatever else you a supposed to do before applying a tanning product. I slapped it on, as evenly as possible and off I went. Avid tan-users are probably having a meltdown at this point but really I hate all the fuss. Makeup and skincare products are supposed to be enjoyable and easy, not hard work! Ok so back to my haphazard application. Instantly I liked how well it absorbed into my skin. It says it’s a cream-gel and that is exactly what it feels like. There is a slight smell to it but nothing that resembles a fake tan product. My legs felt moisturised and I definitely saw the benefits the next day. My legs had a nice caramel sheen to them that was so close to my own skin colour when it has had some sun I thought my life was going to be changed forever. I’ve used it now for the past month, I’d say two or three times a week and I’ve got the application down pat. For me, less is more. If you lather the entire contents of the tube in one go and expect an even application you will be sadly disappointed. A small amount goes a long way and for me, using it every second or third day is the best way to keep the colour even. A winner all round!

August's Beauty Bag

Next is another purchase from Paris. I found myself in Kiko and like a kid in a lolly shop I wanted everything! After all my poking and swatching I walked away with only one product. Another Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow. I bought one of these in the shade 37, burgundy when I was in Lisbon last year and here I am again in Paris buying the gorgeous shade 07, Golden Beige. It really is a beautiful colour and if you suffer from oily eyelids, this product is going to be your best friend. I have tried it both with a primer and without and both ways the staying power is incredible! I actually find it difficult to remove when I have used a primer so no complaints from me. There is no messing around with this product and it’s the reason I bought it. I apply it straight from the stick across my entire eyelid, apply a bit of mascara and that’s me done.

August's Beauty Bag

While my folks were in town I took advantage of having extra guinea pigs in the house to try some products. Thankfully my ma was up for it so I whipped out Spa Standards seaweed and hyaluronic acid Repairing Face Mask. I bought this months ago and it wasn’t for me. It was almost too moisturising and I really didn’t like how it felt on my face. I prefer a mask that I apply directly to my skin rather than one of those ghost-like masks. Ma has a different skin type to me so it was the perfect opportunity to see what she thought. Overall her reports were positive. She found it hydrating and liked that she could massage the excess serum into her skin after she had removed the mask. She did say that although her skin felt smooth and hydrated, she did not notice a difference in appearance. It’s not one that I will buy again so if you have tried other face masks that you like let me know.

August's Beauty Bag

August's Beauty Bag

The next two have not technically been added to my beauty bag (yet) but they have been put on my wish list. Chanel’s Le Rouge Collection N°1 has so many lovely bits that I want them all but the sensible part of my brain says a definite no to that. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out and help me decide which product I should treat myself to. Naturally I am leaning towards a lipstick but I guess there is no surprise there. Take a look at Lucia Pica talk about red. Absolutely beautiful just like the collection.

The other thing I have my eye on and something I pick up and put down more times than I am willing to admit is Lancôme’s Juicy Shaker. I have never tried a lip oil before and expected it to be like a lip gloss but just by swatching it on my hand I knew immediately that it wasn’t. I was in duty-free at the time coming home from Paris and you know what it’s like at the end of a holiday, you think you have spent enough money and ask yourself do I really need more makeup? Again the sensible part of my brain answered no but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since so as I write this I’ve decided to go buy one. I will let you know in September’s beauty bag how it goes. Until then you can see my girl crush Lisa Eldridge in action.



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