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Pit stop

It has been one busy  month here with visitors, travel and whatnot, so I feel I need to do a bit of a wrap up to sort out my head and get ready for what is next. Almost like a de-cluttering of my mind if you will.

As you know my mama and papa crossed the pond for a visit (if only it was a pond!) and we had a jam-packed month with lots of random holiday snaps that only we think are funny but I’m going to share a few with you anyway. We explored Dublin and Ireland, ate and drank too much, debated the style choices of my papa and of course we were lucky enough to have a little jaunt in Paris.



Summer shopping


Also while they were here I got news that lovetomtom was shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland and it was lovely to share the good news with them in person. Another fun thing that happened was I had a surprise dinner for my folks with a years worth of celebrations crammed into one night. If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen what I was up to. Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, even our wedding was celebrated so with the house decorated (I’m sure our neighbours think we are nuts!) and me cooking dinner in my wedding outfit we had a great night celebrating all the things we normally do from afar. It really was so much fun I’m considering doing it every year, all the celebrations in one night!


lovetomtomSBD this month was a huge help to me while I waited to go on my own holidays and even more helpful upon my return to fight those holiday blues. The real lovetomtom also contributed all the way from his holiday in Vietnam! Lucky boy! I have added so many new places to my travel wish list I don’t know how I’ll get through them all but I guess that’s a good problem to have.

the real lovetomtom

After all of that and trust me, that’s the short version, I feel I’m slowly coming out the other side, hair a bit dishevelled, mind a bit cloudy but somehow finding my way back to reality. After a holiday I think it’s so important to plan the next one so until I can do that, I’m very much looking forward to other exciting things that are coming down the track.

With all that going on, I feel I haven’t been around much so normal viewing will resume and I have to say a special thanks to everyone who got in touch to wish me and my parents a fab holiday. If you were lucky enough to have a proper summer holiday or live somewhere with more than an hour of sunshine a day, keep sending your pictures my way!



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