I got married!!

Our wedding day

Our turn

I can’t believe we are here, the last instalment in my wedding series. For someone who was hush hush about getting married, I actually don’t want to stop talking about it!

Everything was organised, the location, outfit, makeup and before we left for New York we actually changed our minds on one decision. Initially we weren’t going to have a photographer as we wanted it to be just us. Plus I wasn’t interested in a professional wedding photography package, awkward poses and a price tag to match. Thankfully, a fabulous friend of mine who lived in New York knew the exact person who would fit what we wanted. Natural, relaxed, not in our space too much but just enough to snap all the good bits. Alex Feld was just the women for the job and I’m so glad she able to capture the best parts of our day.

Our celebrations started on Monday 28th December at precisely 11:33am. That was the minute we had our marriage licence in hand and knew that in 24 hours (to the minute) we could do one of the most romantic things possible; get married.

On our way
On our way – Photograph by Alex Feld

So we were all set. The day arrived and I would no longer need to say ‘hello almost husband’.  I was giddy with excitement, ecstatic about my outfit, delighted with my makeup, I had Mr B by my side, we were in New York and I was completely loved up! We had a rough idea of what we wanted to do on our wedding day and amazingly everything, and I mean everything, worked out perfectly. We got married in the Clerks Office and  I’m glad we were there the day before so we knew what to expect. It’s actually rather a funny place. It reminded me of an old bank, with a long row of tellers, a screen that everyone watched in anticipation for their number to be called, yet filling this almost clinical space were couples of all ages, races, genders and backgrounds wanting to do exactly the same thing; celebrate their love for each other.

Waiting our turn
Selfie time – Photograph by Alex Feld
Waiting out turn
Waiting our turn – Photograph by Alex Feld

We impatiently waited for our number to be called, watching all the others go before us. There was something so moving that with just a glance and a smile, we were all able to share in each others’ happiness. Then, it was our turn to say ‘We do’.

Secret whispers
Secret whispers – Photograph by Alex Feld

As husband and wife we left the Clerks Office and explored some of the beautiful buildings surrounding us

Mr & Mrs
Mr & Mrs – Photograph by Alex Feld
We're married!
We did it! – Photograph by Alex Feld
Mr & Mrs
Mr & Mrs – Photograph by Alex Feld
Mr & Mrs
Mr & Mrs – Photograph by Alex Feld
Mr & Mrs
Smooches – Photograph by Alex Feld
Smooches – Photograph by Alex Feld

We shared our first meal as a married couple at Eisenberg’s, one of our favourite New York spots. What we hadn’t planned on was that everyone there would be so eager to celebrate with us. The staff (and customers) in Eisenberg’s were so lovely and made us feel very special. We even got free apple pie and took the opportunity to share a dance when no one was looking.

Wedding cake
Wedding cake
Mr & Mrs
Chin Chin – Photograph by Alex Feld

Our day continued and later that evening we had drinks and the most delicious dinner at The Gramercy Tavern. I only realised as I was writing this that we don’t have any photographs from that evening but it just gives us another excuse to go back!

My approach to the day was that it wasn’t going to be the best day of my life but one of many and I was right. There is not one thing I would change about it and I love the fact that the celebrations with our loved ones, both near and far are continuing and will continue long into our married life.

I can not tell you how amazing it has been to share this with you and we really have been overwhelmed by your response, comments, texts and emails. Even though this is the last instalment, there are so many more things wedding-related I could chat about, so you never know, I might be back talking even more about the fact that I got married!



4 thoughts on “I got married!!

  1. Ye looked amazing guys. Your dress Jo is out of this world, love it so much. Mr. B scrubbed up well too. So happy for ye both. Only seems like yesterday ye two were given each other eyes across the room! All my love to ye both. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

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