I got married!!

Wedding beauty bag

In case you hadn’t heard, I GOT MARRIED! With the destination and my outfit sorted there is one last thing to show you. Actually two things, my wedding beauty bag and the day of course!

Once I had the outfit sorted I knew exactly what makeup I wanted for the day. I decided I was going to do my makeup myself and as a bit of a treat, or research as I liked to call it, I got my makeup done at Charlotte Tilbury in Brown Thomas. It was the perfect way to try the makeup with my outfit at home and then attempt to recreate it myself in New York. 

Makeup my Lorcan

I was lucky enough to get a fabulous makeup artist, Lorcan on the day and if you have ever had your makeup done at a beauty counter you know it can be a bit risky. Thankfully I had my eye on the prize and in this case, Lorcan was definitely the prize. I explained the style and colour of my outfit and the look I wanted to go with it. I also told Lorcan that I would be doing my own makeup and he was really great in explaining each step thoroughly. I wanted to keep my makeup as simple as possible in the sense that I didn’t want to take away from my outfit. At the same time, I wanted my makeup to look natural yet striking. Asking for too much perhaps?! Nope. A smokey eye was what I was after and with Lorcan’s work as my guide, it was the perfect look.

I didn’t think it was a great idea to try any brand new skincare or makeup products right before the big day so I kept my skincare routine and foundation the same. I hadn’t taken into account air travel and a change in climate so my skin was not at it’s best but I didn’t care; I was in New York getting married! There were a few exceptions to my no new products rule. When Lorcan did my face, he used Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette and I was so surprised that I loved it! Now, I struggle with blush so contouring is a no go for me but I imagine it was the combination of the product and it being applied correctly that I finally understood the benefit of contouring. My beautiful friend SB gave me the Filmstar Bronze and Glow as a wedding gift and it was one of the best things I got! After using it now for a good few months I do feel more comfortable with it and use it less for contouring and more for a swish of warmth on my face and even for eyeshadow so I’m getting great use out of it.

Final touches
Photograph by Alex Feld

Another newish product (I’ve used similar products in other brands) was Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise in the shade Mona Lisa This was the base of my eye makeup and it was so luscious and perfect for lasting the whole day. I added a brown and taupe eyeshadow from my Stila Eyes are the Window palette to blend and soften the look, brown Barry M kohl pencil and a load of No 7 Extravagant mascara and that was my soft smokey eye completed. For lips, I kept it very simple and had the fabulous Hepburn Honey lipstick with High Society lipgloss on top. I’m not one for lipgloss but it really made the look.

Waiting our turn
Photograph by Alex Feld

Another thing that filled up my wedding beauty bag was my trusted TanOrganics Self Tanning Oil. So busy were we having fun that I actually only got to tan myself the night before. Not ideal, but I put the tiniest amount on just to even my skin tone rather than tan and that was good enough. Nail polish was the only other thing that caused me a bit of stress and it was a similar situation to my shoe dilemma. I feel most comfortable in dark colours and that’s exactly what I wore, Essie’s Bobbing for baubles which is a beautiful navy blue.

And that ladies and gents is what filled my wedding beauty bag. It was actually a really enjoyable part of the day. I took my time doing my makeup and I enjoyed every stroke! Even more so, I enjoyed that Mr B and I got ready together, although as you can imagine there wasn’t too much involved in Mr B getting ready. The thing that stood out the most was the moment when my face was done, my outfit on and I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, this is exactly how I wanted to look.

Photograph by Alex Feld

All that was left now was to get married!



One thought on “I got married!!

  1. This just gets more and more exciting. Finally got a good look at the front of the dress and the make up is gorgeous. Dying to see the total full effect. Looking forward every week to the updates. Hugs xxxxxxcc

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