I got married!

Where in the world…

Where in the world

Here we are, the second instalment to my I got married‘ series and let’s get stuck into it. Before that, I need to say how overwhelmed I am at all the good wishes, texts, email, tweets and comments. It really has made this time even more special if that’s possible!

Ok so let’s talk planning. Planning is not actually the correct word as we felt there wasn’t too much to plan. No flowers, no bridal party, no invitations, no guests (yet), no planning of hair styles, no trials, no cars. From very early on we knew our wedding was going to be a party of two. Ok three, if you count the person marrying us. Ok four, if you count our witness! So wedding first, celebrations with friends and family after and given they are on either sides of the world, that meant there were going to be lots of celebrations. Yay! At this stage with just Mr B and I to think about, it was exciting to know we could do whatever the hell we wanted and there was only one question for us to answer; where in the world will we get married?

What a fun question! And surprisingly easy to answer. Just to give you a bit of a time frame, we decided we were going to get married back in April 2015 (that’s code for engaged) and have the wedding in September 2015. So off I went, typing into Google ‘how to get married in France’ and I soon realised this maybe wasn’t going to work out how we thought. It’s not impossible to get married in France but we were not going to be able to manage all the legalities and requirements in our timeframe so back we went to the world map. Italy was our next choice, Amalfi coast to be precise and with a very small amount of research, it looked like a winner. With only five months to the wedding I decided I better get my outfit sorted and I did but you’ll have to wait until next week for that instalment! To make life a bit easier we thought we would pay for someone to take care of all the paperwork. I even looked up wedding planners but quickly realised this was service was not for us. We also realised that like France, there were a few requirements that we didn’t have the time or patience for so we decided Ireland was next on the list and straight after the wedding we would jump on a plane to Italy, wedding outfits and all.

Even though this was our third choice we knew exactly how we wanted it to look. I got rather an unromantic slap in the face when I found out I couldn’t just go and get married. Who knew there was so much paper work to getting married?! This is all manageable of course but it felt stressful and difficult. I had some very interesting phone calls here and if I heard the phrase ‘wedding package’ one more time I really had the potential of turning into bridezilla! There were a few other instances that tipped me over the edge and so we decided to rethink things. Again. We reminded ourselves that we had only ourselves to think about and maybe with a bit more time we could make Italy work so with June 2016 as our new date we went back to researching Italy.

Even with that decision made, other than finding some fabulous hotels we imagined ourselves lounging around, I didn’t get much further with our Italy plans until one day in November I heard details of someone else’s wedding destination and I had a light bulb moment. All I kept thinking was ‘why aren’t we getting married there’? Within a day of researching and joining some forums to see if what I was reading was correct, we had one hundred percent decided on our location. We were so excited that everything was working out just as we wanted (and that it was easy and romantic!) we decided, why wait? Come the last week of December, we packed our bags and flew to…..

New York baby!

New York baby!

New York baby!

New York baby!

New York baby!

New York New York!



3 thoughts on “I got married!!!

  1. Your an awful scamp altogether. I remember seeing your FB pics of NY and no mention of getting hitched. Dying to see your and Mr.B outfits! Again so happy for ye guys. Match made in heaven xxxxx

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