I got married!

The not quite announcement 

I was trying to find the right title for this series but I keep coming to ‘I got married!’ and it seems perfect! I am thrilled to be sharing this news with you and over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you all the juicy details. Ok not all the juicy details as it’s not just my story to tell but I will be sharing everything from not shouting it from the roof tops, to being told I couldn’t organise a wedding in 3 months and how I made the ultimate decision of what to wear. Basically the when, where and how of this very exciting time and why I’m doing everything in reverse!

I won’t start at the very beginning so let me bring you to just after our engagement. The very short version of that story is that we were in Paris and had just taken a stroll around the Eiffel Tower. We continued our stroll down a neighbouring street, I was busy taking photographs of the beautiful architecture surrounding us and Mr B was patiently waiting for me to finish before popping the question. I’ll spare you all the mushy details but you can guess what happened next. It will be no surprise to you that we celebrated with coffee and croissants.


Ok so we are engaged. Ahhhh that word, engagement! I don’t know what it is but I’m not a fan. I preferred to say, ‘I’m getting married’. Actually it took me a while to even say that. Don’t get me wrong, I was bursting with excitement at the thought of marrying Mr B but we kept the news to ourselves for a while. It wasn’t necessarily a conscious decision not to tell people but there were a few things on our minds. Mainly, I was aware of the fact that I was very far from family and some of my dearest friends and the thought of texting our news felt so impersonal. Until I worked out how I wanted to spread our news, I enjoyed the fact that this was our fun, romantic secret.

Can you keep a secret?

Right, so fast forward to when our news was kind of out in the world. By kind of I mean that Mr B decided he wanted to wait (this will become clear a little later on) and as for me, I told a very limited number of people. This actually took me a few months. Between face-to-face catch ups, arranging chats on Skype, rescheduling chats on Skype and life in general getting in the way, I actually forgot who I had and hadn’t told and I found myself saying ‘did I mention we’re getting married?’. In the end I had to tell a few friends with a text message and you know what, that’s just the way things turned out and it didn’t diminish the excitement or love we felt from those closest to us. Marriage and weddings conjures up all sorts of things for people and it was so interesting to see everyone’s reactions and oh boy were there a lot of questions! How did he propose? When are you getting married? Will you get married in Australia? Will your family come to Ireland for the wedding? Can I see the ring? What are you going to wear? Are you going to take his name? Don’t get me wrong I loved that everyone was so excited and I wanted to share everything with them, but not yet. Mr B and I already had a pretty good idea of what our wedding was going to look like so we felt there really wasn’t a lot to organise. Plus I had no intention of ‘the wedding’ being the driving force of conversations or of my life in general for that matter mostly because I wanted to keep nearly everything to myself until I was ready to share. Like I said, we kind of did everything backwards as now that we are actually married, I am more than happy to chat endlessly about the wedding and all the fun, romantic  details.

That is why now is the perfect time to share this exciting news with you so I’m going to say at this point, ‘to be continued’. Be sure to sign up to lovetomtom so you can get the next I got married instalment straight to you inbox.

I got married!



9 thoughts on “I got married!

  1. I still can’t bring myself to say “fiancée” either – it feels like I’m flipping bragging or something lol For someone planning a wedding too, I definitely appreciate this read 🙂 Happy to have found you via TheBlogCentre link-up 🙂

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