March Wrap-up


I have to try very hard not to start each #lovetomtomSBD wrap-up with the sentence, ‘Hasn’t this month just flown by?’ but until I find a different way to say it, that’s exactly how I feel about March. Although it has flown by, it has felt like a productive month with my same but different mentality. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped but I’m very happy with what I learnt or am learning.



 Snapchat, Italian, learning to go with the flow, learning new makeup styles, learning to use new beauty products and learning to wear new combinations filled my month and I’m glad that I am going to continue with these beyond March.


 There is one thing I had on the list which I never got round to but it has sparked April’s same but different theme and I’m very excited as it is one of my favourite things to do and talk about!

Until then, this just show how fun learning can be.




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