Exercise is fun!

Exercise is fun Sort of lovetomtom same but different for September and October was a real humdinger! I have spent the past two months trying to turn exercise into something fun rather than a chore and I'm glad to say I feel I did pretty well. Cycling on the roads is a huge, scary challenge … Continue reading Exercise is fun!

You’re doing what?

#lovetomtomSBD Creation Aerial Most of you would know by now that as part of this month's same but different I'm trying to find ways to make exercise fun. I've been getting on my bike more often in the hope of turning my fear of cycling on Dublin's busy streets into a fun way of getting around. … Continue reading You’re doing what?


lovetomtom Same but Different February's lovetomtom same but different was all about love, celebrations, family, friends and the main man himself, the real lovetomom. I had so much fun discovering new ways to celebrate all these things the month just flew by. Before I get cracking on with March's #lovetomtomSBD, take a look at the last few … Continue reading lovetomtomSBD