#lovetomtomSBD March

A new month means a new focus for lovetomtom same but different. This month I am going to focus on learning. Don’t worry I’m not going to overload you with all the new things I’ve learnt each day. Instead I’m looking at learning as an investment in myself, big or small.

This all came about some time in January when I was reflecting on the year that was. I realised there were a few things I had intended doing but never did. Plus, one night I was out with some friends and everyone was talking about all the things they were doing. I was sitting there being rather envious of all they were experiencing, learning and getting involved in so I gave myself an imaginary slap across the head and to told myself to get on with it.

#lovetomtomSBD March

I don’t know about you but when I hear the word learning my mind automatically takes me back to school where I was in a constant state of daydreaming, wanting to be somewhere else. As an adult, I’ve realised that learning takes lots of different forms and I guess that’s the exciting bit. So whether it’s learning a completely new skill, learning a new recipe, even learning a new makeup technique, I’m ready to go.

#lovetomtomSBD March

Although my focus for the month of March is learning new things, I hope (like all my same but different ideas) that it will filter through the rest of the year and become eventually, not so different anymore.

#lovetomtomSBD March

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