March’s Beauty Bag

March’s Beauty Bag Between #lovetomtomSBD and my big reveal, this month has flown by and it’s time for another beauty bag update. This month beauty-wise was interesting. There were some good, some freebies which are always good, and some I’m not so sure about. Let’s get the one I’m not sure about out of the way. The latest … Continue reading March’s Beauty Bag


#lovetomtomSBD March Wrap-up I have to try very hard not to start each #lovetomtomSBD wrap-up with the sentence, ‘Hasn’t this month just flown by?’ but until I find a different way to say it, that’s exactly how I feel about March. Although it has flown by, it has felt like a productive month with my … Continue reading #lovetomtomSBD

March Beauty Buys – Part II

March Beauty Buys  Part II Before you read on, if you haven't already, take a look at Part I of my March beauty buys and you will understand why there is a part II. Starting off part II is another one of my newbies, Botanics All-Bright-Radiance-Balm - softens, brightens for instantly radiant skin for all skin types. I'll be honest … Continue reading March Beauty Buys – Part II