March Beauty Buys 

Part II

Before you read on, if you haven’t already, take a look at Part I of my March beauty buys and you will understand why there is a part II.

Botanics Radiance Balm All Bright

Starting off part II is another one of my newbies, Botanics All-Bright-Radiance-Balm – softens, brightens for instantly radiant skin for all skin types. I’ll be honest I bought this on a whim, having a slightly bad day I wanted an immediate pick me up and thought this might do the trick. I’m not one for highlighters as I have oily skin so I’m terrified of anything that has the word ‘radiance’ or ‘glow’ in it’s title. I’m sure there is a difference between looking oily and looking radiant but I’m almost too scared to try it. This product is a great starting point for a scaredy cat like me. I have tried both a small amount all over my face under my foundation and also on top of my foundation on the high points of my face. I have no idea which way is right but for days that I’m feeling brave, a small amount under my foundation is rather nice, but I do prefer it on the high points of my face. What I like about it is that the texture is easy to blend and I think you would find it difficult to be heavy handed with this. Less is best I say. Although highlighters are not a priority on my makeup list, I do notice a difference when I use it and it’s a nice way to try something different without spending too much money. I think in the warmer months, when I would wear less foundation, this will be a nice addition. For now, this one is a keeper.

 Botanics Radiance Balm All Bright

Next up is Maybelline Expression Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow in Permanent Taupe. I have very oily eyelids and find powdered shadows do not last unless I use a primer, and given I had heard good things about this range, I thought I would give it a go. Sadly, I was very disappointed with this product. The shadow did not last at all so I definitely won’t be buying it again. I’m probably a bit unrealistic when it comes to eyeshadows as I want one product that does it all and although this has been reviewed as a dupe for MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots (which I love) I feel it doesn’t even come close! Think I’ll be sticking with MAC as even without primer I get a good wear out of them.

Maybelline Expression Colour Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow

Last but not least is Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Lovely Pink.  (I don’t have a picture of the product so click on the link and you will get an idea of what I’m on about). Although I didn’t actually buy it, let me tell you why. After almost two years I finally finished my Benefit CORAlista blush so I was in need of a new blush in a similar shade. Again I had heard good things about this product so it was on the list to test and lucky I did. At fist glance, all was well. In the pot you will see a lovely marble of pink and gold but when I tested it on the back of my hand it was too shimmery for me. If you don’t mind a shimmer I would say give it a go, but this is definitely not for me. I know some people like shopping online but this is why I don’t. Thankfully I didn’t waste my money and will save my pennies for the next blush I lay my hands on.

Thankfully the month is drawing to an end and I have enough goodies to keep me going! Stay tuned for next month’s beauty buys.



4 thoughts on “March Beauty Buys – Part II

  1. Hi Jo … winter is coming here 😦

    I did not like those Maybelline Tatt’s either …. I have oily lids – hell my skin has gone really dry but the lids are getting oily! Whats with that?? LOL
    They creased – not a nice look. I know of the MAC Paint Pots – had one put on in the shop and … yep – creased too. So I use powder shadows with a primer.

    Oily skin does its own highlighter and older skin – well , we can look like we are having a “hot flush” LOL …. I have not bought a highlighter for your reason – bit scared and will I waste my money ??
    I know of Coralista and it would look lovely with your skin colouring Jo . I have 3 Max Factor crème puff blushers and I do not find them that sheeny … I do have Lovely Pink and its not that sparkly on me. I also have Seductive Pink and Nude Mauve and I do like them … not only for the price (compared to $$ Hourglass) but I have a heavy hand and these do not have high pigmentation- I can clown face myself easy! LOL
    If you are feeling “in the money” do check out Hourglass Ambient Blusher in Dim Infusion …. a lovely coral ! I have this one and it would really suit you . The Max Factors are rather like the hourglass in my opinion.
    * in the UK Max Factor has 6 colours of the Puff Crème blush … the stores here have only 4 ! Interesting !! LOL

    1. What primer do you use? I find Urban Decay does a pretty good job.
      I am yet to splurge on any Hourglass products but I’m sure it won’t be long 🙂 I have a NARS blush in a coral shade that I would highly recommend so I can see myself going back for a pink shade.
      I have to say one of the reasons I’m glad I live on this side of the world is for the range and price of beauty products. Not sure I could afford all my beauty products if I were at home xo

  2. Yes … we get ripped off on the $$. Do you know of the shop here called Mecca Cosmetica? Well tomorrow they are going to stock Urban Decay. I do not think most of their products are for me in my age group but … I do want to try the eye primer.
    The one I use – eye primer that is – Nars . Its $$ but …. it works! I have bought cheaper and they just get thrown away !
    If Urban decay is cheaper and it works just the same I will buy that .
    I am not going down tomorrow as it will be shocking! Free give aways for the first what ever through the door and you can start queueing at 7.30 at Doncaster Shoppingtown ! Plus one lucky person will win the full range …. can you imagine the crowds!!! All young girls screaming !!! LOL
    I will wait for a couple of weeks.

    Is it Orgasm that you have in Nars???? LOL bit sparkly for moi!
    I have a sample Nars blush called Lovejoy … lovely pink but they have so many and so does Hourglass.

    1. You are smart for staying away. I’m sure it would’ve be jammed packed with people.

      I haven’t tried the NARS eye primer yet. I really like the Urban Decay one but I’ve had a look at the Aussie prices and wow it’s expensive!

      My NARS blush is ‘Gina’. Not a shimmer in sight and that’s why I love it. It took me a while to master it’s application because it is so pigmented but it’s one of my favourite products! xo

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