The day I bought a Cloche

Hats are one of those things I think you either love or hate. I like the idea of owning a hat more than actually wearing one but it’s an item that is a must for both summer and winter. Living in Dublin has made hats a permanent fixture in those cooler months and I figure if I have to wear one, it might as well look good! Given that and the years I have spent daydreaming about owning my very own cloche, the day finally arrived!

After dropping enough hints, Mr B surprised me with a Shevlin Millinery voucher for Christmas. Shevlin Millinery is not new to me. As long as I have lived in Dublin I have walked by, or even ventured in and admired the fabulous display of hats like Charlie in the chocolate factory. 

I wasn’t going to take this purchase lightly which meant I annoyed every person I know by taking them into the studio and trying on every hat in the store. After making my decision, the day came when I went to Cows Lane Design Studio to meet John Shevlin in person and make this special purchase.

Shevlin Millinery

It was so great to meet John and talk all things hats. I have to say there is something rather special about meeting the person that has made the very thing you are buying. If you are in Dublin, I would highly recommended a visit to Cows Lane Design Studio to see his fabulous work in person. If not take a peek here to see all his fabulous hats. John has also been very kind to share some photographs of the hat making process.

Not a surprise at all to me, but when I went to purchase my hat, having thought I had decided on the style and colour, well I changed my mind. Honestly, I could have bought all of the colour combinations there but because this piece is an investment, I tried to think about my wardrobe and what colour and style would give me the most wear. In the end I decided on a wine coloured cloche with a navy blue trim and I couldn’t be happier.

I wore it straight out of the studio and to be honest I’ve never been more delighted to have hat hair! Like most of my luxury items, it’s the story behind the product that makes it luxurious and this for me is a piece I will treasure.



10 thoughts on “Hats off to you

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful purchase. Can image how hard it would be to decide on style and colour.
    How lucky you are to be living in Dublin where the weather can decided that hat wearing is a must in winter.
    Enjoy, enjoy! Well done Mr B on your well thought gift purchase!
    Mum xx

  2. Worth a comment…hat looks amazing on you! I’d never be able to decide on a colour! Looks beautifully made too x

  3. What a great story and I totally agree with you – the pieces I value most are those with an interesting narrative. I’ve been a fan of John Shevlin’s for an extraordinarily long time but have yet to pluck up the courage to buy one. I have to do it this winter! The cloche looks incredible on you and I hope it brings you on many an adventure!

    1. Oh Sinéad you definitely should get one!

      I think it’s pretty clear I love this hat! It is special to me for so many reasons and like you said, pieces that are valued most often have a great story behind them.

      I already have my eye on a summer version xo

  4. I love the hat too!!! Very chic and looks great on you Jo!

    If I was in that shop with your mother …. I would pick the navy with that cream bow and I would not let Amal go out the door until she buys that ocelot hat on the wall stand ….. Grrrrr sexy !

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