A lovetomtom Christmas

A lovetomtom Christmas It's that time of year again. Christmas is here which means catch ups, too much food and PRESENTS! You all know by now I'm not that fond of Christmas but boy do I love getting presents! And buying them for that matter. I started this year's gift guide by going back to my … Continue reading A lovetomtom Christmas

Hats off to you

The day I bought a Cloche Hats are one of those things I think you either love or hate. I like the idea of owning a hat more than actually wearing one but it's an item that is a must for both summer and winter. Living in Dublin has made hats a permanent fixture in those cooler months and I … Continue reading Hats off to you

The world of skincare

The world of skincare according to lovetomtom Since the recent additions to my wardrobe (see 'My kind of luxury') I've had nothing but luxury on the brian.  Makeup and more recently skincare falls into that catergory and to tell you the truth I didn't always see it that way. The world of skincare can at times be daunting. … Continue reading The world of skincare